News from DeFiLlima, the first mining project on the second layer of Ethereum network Optimism,, the pioneer of DAO governance, has opened the Yield Farming mining function on November 28, it’s TVL has broken through. $3.3 million within 24 hours. The mining time will be lasted for 14 days and 5 pools were opened which are BitANT, WBTC, BitBTC ,ETH-BitANT and WBTC-BitBTC pools. It is reported that is a rookie on the cross-chain splitting of BTC. It is also the whitelisted winner on the second-tier network Optimism and the first project to open Yield Farming mining. It splits 1BTC into 1 million BitBTC through smart contracts. The current market value of BitANT , the platform’s governance token, has just exceeded 20 million U.S. dollars.

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