GlobeCoin Exchange, Continue the Path of Innovation

The GlobeCoin CEO Aleksandr, after being invited to attend the Blockchain Research Summit held in Silicon Valley, USA on July 13th, he was invited again to attend the Shanghai International Blockchain Technology and Application Expo. The Chain Expo will set up conferences, forums, exhibitions, competitions and awards, application experience and other activities. Many cutting-edge blockchain technologies and products from more than 100 companies will be unveiled in a concentrated manner. It is reported that this conference will focus on the direction of “Blockchain Empowering Digital Transformation”, and will gather cutting-edge achievements and opinions in the field of blockchain, and help blockchain technology to build a network power, develop a digital economy, and promote economic and social development.

GlobeCoin CEO led a team to participate in this event. In addition to exhibiting exchange products in the showcase area, GlobeCoin will give an important speech on the development of the current blockchain.

In addition to having its own exchange, GlobeCoin has also established a blockchain laboratory. It is a global industry-wide collaboration platform based on blockchain technology and fully open source. It is committed to promoting cross-industry, institutional and geographic credit transmission and business cooperation. GlobeCoin Lab will develop the main chain ecology. It is not only limited to satisfying the credible data exchange requirements after the parallel expansion of homogeneous blockchains, but also further explores to solve the underlying structure, data structure, interface protocol, and security mechanism between heterogeneous blockchains. If multi-dimensional heterogeneity leads to an effective solution that cannot be interconnected, the laboratory headed by him will develop more ecological scenarios to meet the expectations of miners and preachers on the blockchain and create more wealth opportunities.

One of the most encouraging aspects of GlobeCoin is that it is actively developing ecological applications of its own platform. It is understood that the token developed by its main chain has confirmed that it will be compatible with the mapping and will be launched on the TRC20 chain channel, staring its DEFI’s new journey. At the same time, the design of the pass is not only circulated on the GlobeCoin exchange, but also circulated and applied with the world’s largest innovative blockchain market. It will be more deeply integrated with the online and offline scenarios of the financial market, and the future can be expected! This good news have successively received the attention and blessings of all decentralized communities and authoritative organizations, including Sky Mavis, RMIT Lab, Z. TATA, Soft Bank Foundation, etc., ushering in new opportunities for the digital development of their subordinates.

GlobeCoin is a subsidiary of Circle Capital, a well-known quantitative agency in the United States, headquartered in Silicon Valley, the United States. After the baptism of the new crown epidemic in 2020, GlobeCoin is ready to launch in 2021. After 2022, there will be more consensus on the global application and consensus of digital currency. Although the current digital currency is in a downturn, last year has already created a new high record. This contributed by the addition of more traditional financial institutions, and the introduction of new DeFi and NFTs, and this wave of wealth has benefited the supporters who attached to it for many years. Circle Capital has always been known for its strong financial resources, professional management, and responsibility for doing things. Its subsidiary GlobeCoin Exchange has also inherited the parent company’s entrepreneurial mission. It has an experienced management team, strong financial resources, and a stable system headed by CEO Aleksandr, this will help the more rapid development in this challenging industry and bring more wealth opportunities for miners!

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