A new era of Blockchain! The digital ecology FXCM.XYZ based on the DAO governance mechanism is officially launched!

Best John
3 min readDec 23, 2021

According to official news, FXCM.XYZ, a digital ecology derived from the DAO governance mechanism and community clusters, was officially launched on December 22, 2021!

FXCM.XYZ is a digital ecological organization with basic values of “transparent, autonomous, motion, and consensus”.

FXCM ecology mainly derives four major modules:

1.Take FXCMswap as the starting point; it belongs to the trading environment of FXCM.XYZ digital ecology.

2.Based on FXCMchain; as the infrastructure of FXCM.XYZ digital ecology.

3.Derived from Symbol Space;

1Symbol is expected to be the main application of FXCM.XYZ (released on June 22, 2019, which is also the birth date of FXCM.XYZ).

4.Digital space with .FXCM as Symbol;

It is embodied in the digital ecology of FXCM.XYZ as a “symbol” mark, which corresponds to the “address” of the physical world, or understandably a domain name in the Internet era (similar to .com).

Based on this module as the basic structure, iterate and derive a new generation of digital ecological organization with main chain, transaction agreement, Symbol Space, and digital space domain name.

The FXCM.XYZ ecology is based on the promotion of community clusters. In this space, any value behavior and community contribution of all convergent “individuals or organizations” can be fully quantified and assets digitized; the assets held can be realized without barriers and free circulation. . In order to gradually implement the ambitious “DAO” governance mechanism target concept, FXCM.XYZ was established in the early stage and made a five-stage implementation plan:

Preparation stage: July 2017-June 22, 2019

The first stage:2019 June 23–2022 June 22

The establishment of the FXCM digital economy community community has been completed (the creative community, design community, media community, development community and other communities have been established), and the launch of FXCMswap has been completed at this stage.

The second stage: 2022 from June 23rd to 2023 from June 22nd to 2023. It is planned to complete the operation, maintenance and iteration of FXCMswap; and complete the launch of the FXCMchain main website.

The third phase:

Estimated in 2023 June 23–2024 June 22

Completed the development and operation of Symbol space.

The fourth stage:

In the two years from June 2024 to June 22 to 2026, the DAO governance mechanism of FXCM has been improved, and the FXCM.XYZ digital ecosystem has been fully autonomous and derived.

The follow-up will be dynamically released according to the actual progress of the project.

Token distribution mechanism of FXCM.XYZ:

1% will be released in the first stage for community formation and management, financing and wisdom based on consensus of values;

99% is jointly managed by the FXCM.XYZ governance committee (prior to the establishment of the committee, the smart contract was locked on the third platform/https://www.unicrypt.network/ lock-up contract: 0xdba68f07d1b7ca219f78ae8582c213d975c25caf).

FXCM.XYZ digital ecological Token has been simultaneously online Uniswap V3.0,

We look forward to the attention and participation of all individuals or groups that agree with the DAO governance mechanism to jointly advance and share the future!