According to the news on April 18, Transcosmos is working with Jasmy to build an efficient data control security management platform combined with blockchain technology.

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5 min readApr 19, 2022

Transcosmos Inc. (President and COO: Masataka Okuda) and Jasmy Co., Ltd. (President: Kazumasa Sato) have been addressing a series of problems caused by the rapid spread of telecommuting. The two companies announced on the 18th that they will cooperate to develop the “Jasmy Secure PC for Contact Center” application, which aims to comprehensively solve the problems in the operation of the home call center, such as low “safety” factor and low “management” efficiency, even work at home, the system also maintains high performance and comes standard with more secure management features that make home-based call centers work even better.

“Jasmy Secure PC for Contact Centre” aggregates the operational experience accumulated by the call center so far and the know-how of one of the largest home-based call centers in Japan (about 3,000 seats), and provides a unique perspective on call center operations management and additional security monitoring features. The application enables a smooth transition to a home call center and provides seamless integrated management of home and call center operations.

Application function

(1) Solve the problem of “difficulty seeing what employees are doing” for telecommuters

The operational status and performance of each operator terminal is automatically collected and visualized on a dashboard. By making it “easy to see what employees are doing,” the system supports proper assessment of telecommuters and enables quantitative performance analysis based on search sites, application browsing time, keystrokes, and more to help improve operational performance.

(2) Measures to address security concerns when working remotely (e.g. from home)

In addition to “network access control”, the system also provides “off-hour work reminders”, “control of the PC by sending commands from the system administrator’s terminal to each operator’s terminal in unforeseen circumstances”, “PC operation history” Tracking” and “Centralized Software Update Status Management”. Improve management efficiency and reduce workload.

Distributed storage of data collected from terminal devices through blockchain technology can securely process confidential information such as terminal operation history and personal identity verification in a hash state, and implement application operations while ensuring data reliability.

According to industry insiders, Jasmy has exclusive access to Secure Knowledge Communicator (SKC) and Smart Guardian (SG) technologies, which are brand-new commercial-level data security processing technologies in the IoT + blockchain industry. The comprehensive PC protection includes five levels of security monitoring and management of internal computer data, security monitoring and management of internal computer data, personal privacy security, remote control and management, and intelligent threat detection. This blockchain + IoT platform-style integrated protection solution is different from the protection at the conventional pure antivirus software level. It is more basic and more efficient.

In the post-epidemic era, PCs equipped with Jasmy data security management system can not only ensure the data security of employees in remote office, but also have the function of improving work performance and improving the efficiency of the entire team. The Jasmy Secure PC system is a major implementation of blockchain technology in the B to B commercial system. Now that the commercial version has officially entered the market, it will definitely bring a new trend in the digital transformation of enterprises, remote office and data security.

The new trend brought by Jasmy will break the barrier of classic security risks faced by enterprises. There is a lot of information that enterprises generally use several remote office methods such as virtual private network (VPN), remote control, and remote conference/social networking. Sometimes, in order to meet the daily office needs of employees, enterprises use multiple methods to meet the needs of employees at the same time, such as obtaining internal company emails, accessing file servers in the local area network, internal databases, CRM, ERP, work arrangements, discussions, reports, etc.

As a result, corporate telecommuting will undoubtedly increase the exposure of corporate information assets and bring security issues to the core data assets of the company, including the use of sensitive data, account behavior, code transmission, and the security of communication information transmission in social software and so on. In addition, telecommuting has also brought a series of challenges to enterprises in the assessment of employee performance and work results. This classic security problem has always been a nightmare that enterprises cannot get rid of.

“Jasmy Secure PC” is designed to address the growing need for data protection from hackers, rather than focusing on how the data is used. Jasmy ‘s original blockchain technology can protect the security of device logs and data so that they cannot be tampered with, thereby creating a secure remote office environment for corporate users.

Now, Transcosmos and Jasmy have cooperated deeply again around the application development of “Jasmy Secure PC for Contact Centre”, which is a high recognition of Jasmy’s security technology in the market.

About transcosmos inc.

Since its establishment in 1966, transcosmos has been committed to enhancing the competitiveness of client companies by combining excellent “people” with the latest “technical capabilities” to provide higher-value services. Currently, transcosmos pursues operational excellence at 173 locations in 30 countries and territories around the world, mainly in Asia, and provides services that support client companies’ business processes from both cost optimization and sales expansion. In addition, in line with the global expansion of the EC market, Transcosmos provide one-stop global EC services, providing consumers in 48 countries and regions around the world with excellent products and services from client companies. Transcosmos aims to be a “Global Digital Transformation Partner” that responds to changes in the business environment and leverages digital technologies to support the transformation of client companies.

About Jasmy

Jasmy is a Japanese company that develops and provides data security and sharing services in the Internet of Things era. JasmyCoin is the first local cryptocurrency approved to be listed on a Japanese digital currency exchange, and the first legal and compliant digital currency in Japan. At present, more than 50 trading platforms such as Coinbase, BITPoint, Binance, Huobi etc., have been launched. And it have reached cooperation agreements with more than 20 companies such as Nexstgo, Aplix, Japanius, Witz, MetaVisa, etc. Its self-developed JasmyPersonalDataLocker system has been put into commercial use. Jasmy’s move has promoted the commercialization of Japan’s blockchain technology, which is of epoch-making significance for the prosperity and development of Japan’s cryptocurrency market, and is known as the “Bitcoin” of the new era of Japan’s encryption industry.

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