Advanced Journey of Cool Rubik’s Cube: MagicCube builds an epic NFT comprehensive trading platform to achieve industry value targets

Guide: DeFi has earned enough attention in recent years. All kinds of fresh gameplay such as NFT, DEX, lending, and derivatives have taken turns to set off decentralized reforms in the crypto world, quickly attracting the favor of many users and capital. Up to now, the total lock-up volume of DeFi has exceeded US$80.7 billion, which is a full increase of 10 times compared to September last year. Combined with the current prosperous application ecology, the emerging fields that have evolved from this will still have a great increase in the future. space. Among them, the emerging markets represented by the convergent MagicCube trading platform have become the first position of this value frenzy, and their advanced advantages of leading the world have been well received.

The NFT, which once again became popular with art collections, performed well, and the transaction data of all parties also frequently reported good news. Since Beeple’s NFT work “Everydays: THE FIRST 5000 DAYS” was sold for $69.3 million in March this year, NFT showed The potential of NFT was out of control, and reached its peak in August. In the first week, the transaction volume of NFT rushed to 443 million U.S. dollars. It is important to know that the total transaction volume of this market was only 510 million U.S. dollars. According to the latest news, OpenSea’s total transaction volume has now exceeded 5 billion U.S. dollars, and the momentum is close to DeFi, taking advantage of the trend to become the veritable king of this value wave.
NFT market ushered in a turning point
Personalized NFT can be used to represent the ownership of all assets, including tangible and intangible assets, such as digital collectibles, virtual game equipment, rare collectibles, and other digital transactions such as stocks, options, or housing, gold and other physical assets. Today It is gradually expanding to areas such as sports, music, and video to unleash more possibilities. More NBA superstars, artists, singers, film companies, and technology companies are paying attention to and participating in NFT, and the transaction volume of NFT is expected to further develop in depth.
Under the strong market demand, popular NFT exchanges such as OpenSea, Nifty Gateway, and NBA Top Shot were born. They process tens of thousands of transactions every day, but behind the huge traffic, the shortcomings of NFT are highlighted, insufficient liquidity and high Gas fees, high transaction thresholds, and inability to define value have all become issues that need to be resolved urgently at this stage of NFT. What is gratifying is that some new and distinctive NFT platforms have also begun to rise, and have gradually become a force that cannot be ignored.Among them, the MagicCube integrated exchange has become a leader, providing the industry with a perfect solution for one-stop issuance and trading of NFTs.

MagicCube integrated NFT trading platform is popular

MagicCubeIt is an innovative decentralized comprehensive exchange of DEFI and NFT assets. It was jointly initiated by the American geek team. The members are all experienced blockchain technology experts, financial practitioners, encryption enthusiasts and computer experts. The project code Fully open source on github. The team is creating a real and interesting one-stop NFT trading DEX aggregator for global participants, which can allow anyone to easily enter, allow any asset to flow here, and provide unlimited liquidity for every transaction.
MagicCube came into being to solve the current pain points in the NFT trading market, to give NFT practicality and value-added space, so that users can use NFT for mining, auctions and transactions, not limited to ownership. MagicCube has opened an independent and free NFT ecosystem with innovative ideas, and by this it attracts more users to understand and participate in the blockchain field. Anyone can issue NFTs and easily obtain NFTs and token issuance through cross-chain protocols. And more diverse NFT applications.

What are the advantages of MagicCube?
It is not a single anchor of cryptocurrency or a specific field. MagicCube tries to establish an efficient, transparent and achievable through the advantages of scaled value evaluation criteria, low cost, cross-chain interaction, high liquidity, and authenticity. The perfect DeFi ecosystem.
1. Standardized value evaluation: The NFT evaluation system set up by MagicCube allows users to conveniently place real-world assets as collateral and mortgage them, and use the dual management of NFT nodes and DAOs to ensure that each tangible asset minted by NFT is provided It’s all true, fair price, and compliant.

2. Low cost and high efficiency: As the infrastructure of the NFT ecosystem, it will support NFT one-click publishing, transaction, withdrawal and other functions, which greatly improves the user experience. Users can directly create, trade, transfer, recharge and recharge on MagicCube for free. Withdrawal of NFT, compared with Ethereum, users can save a lot of gas fees.
3. Cross-chain interaction function: The works purchased by users on mainstream NFT platforms such as Opensea can be traded through the MagicCube cross-chain interaction function. Similarly, the NFT issued for free on MagicCube can be embedded in other Ethereum ecosystems for circulation or preservation. In addition, more interesting gameplay such as blind boxes and auctions will be gradually supported in subsequent versions.
4. Provide high liquidity: MagicCube will promote the creation and re-creation of head art and IP, and invite head traffic stars in the entertainment circle to customize NFT works, continue to expand MagicCube’s “circle of friends”, and enrich MagicCube’s business ecology , Enhance brand influence. At the same time, the platform will also invest in high-quality projects to connect more partners.
5. Absolute authenticity: MagicCube’s works need to go through the following process: signing an offline cooperation agreement-designating authorized works-platform reviewing the content of the work-on-chain deposit certificate-pricing and listing, the creator’s creation data is stored in On the chain, it cannot be changed, effectively preventing the NFT counterfeiting problem and maintaining the absolute authenticity of the platform’s NFT works.

It is worth mentioning that MagicCube was led by CoInlist, and over 30 well-known blockchain industry organizations around the world, such as Binance, OK, and Huobi, have reached strategic partnerships with it. I believe that under this far-reaching layout, the power of MagicCube market linkage It will be unstoppable.
Great Leap Forward in Value of the Cool MagicCube
MF is the native token of the project and the core economic unit of the aforementioned ecology. It is mainly used for later ecological applications, pledge, governance, transaction fees and other functions. When the huge MagicCube business kingdom becomes abundance, MF, as the only circulation certificate, will have more and more diverse application scenarios. In addition to its own use value, it will also increase consensus value and value-added value. It is known from the published economic model that 69% of the total issuance of 190 million MF is generated by mining, and users can receive great dividends as early participants. It is reported that MF will first launch CoInlist and Binance Exchange in the near future. According to the current trend, everyone can look forward to the performance of MF in the future.
MagicCube’s NFT bidding mechanism, which will be launched soon, will further increase the additional income of users. The NFT auction function allows users to bid for NFTs through a mark-up auction (British auction method). Each new bidder can finally obtain a chance to win the NFT by increasing the price. Until the seller accepts the offer, the auction is completed. This method can effectively realize the maximization of the auctioneer’s expected profit or goal, realize the highest value of the artwork, and provide users (bidders) with a fair and just bidding mechanism.
MagicCube supports uploading of GIFs, tweets, emoticons, digital art works, music, etc., which can be completed by connecting to the wallet, setting the number of NFTs, work descriptions, royalty ratios and other information. Similarly, the platform also supports paintings, cars, real estate, etc. The registration of tangible assets makes these assets digital, unique, and securely stored in a complete and original manner. MagicCube will serve as a bridge connecting real assets and the encrypted world, providing more new NFT paths to the world.

Come and create on MagicCube!
The variability and complexity of finance always discourage crypto enthusiasts who want to enter the blockchain. The market needs a simple, easy-to-use, and diverse NFT integrated platform like MagicCube to overturn the existing high-threshold framework. MagicCube provides users with an NFT content creation section where users can create their own NFT works. The platform saves all information on the chain, traceable to the source, and protects the copyright of the creator.
This is an advanced journey about artists and consumers. There are interesting investment challenges and countless opportunities. Here, all participants are equal, they enjoy the same high-quality services and rights, allowing anyone to release their creativity and generate unique NFTs, and these NFTs can also be connected to a wider blue ocean market, making it easy Gains from trillions of worth of wealth in transactions. Come to MagicCube and artist stars to create and recreate together, and share the super high dividends of the era together.

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