Advancing Heimdallr, the Last Wealth-Creating Blockchain Game of 2021 Is Rapidly Coming

Best John
5 min readDec 14, 2021


Games have long been a huge industry, producing hundreds of billions of dollars in revenue each year. If blockchain can fix some of the flaws in traditional games while also releasing its full potential through its own advantages, it will have a massive market that cannot be disregarded in the future.

Heimdallr is excited to capitalize on this growing business trend. It builds an open, autonomous, transparent, and safe metaverse ecosystem based on crypto technology, empowering traditional games and bringing new value growth points to the stagnating traditional game market.

About The Game

Heimdallr is a fully decentralized SocialFi+GameFi+NFT multi-chain metauniverse game created in 2021 with the goal of advancing the metauniverse industry and exploring the value of tokens and NFT in the crypto world.

Owing to its magnificent UI and fascinating interplanetary atmosphere, Heimdallr provides players with a highly interactive, incredibly open metauniverse in which they may freely explore and control their assets.

In addition to its blockchain gaming innovations, Heimdallr has integrated various cutting-edge technologies such as Cross-Chain, DeFi, etc. Various public chains will represent different galaxies in the future. As the core of the ecological, Heimdallr connects these galaxies to create an integrated multi-chain metauniverse, infinitely expanding the boundaries of blockchain games and creating more blockchain gameplay.


Heimdallr’s gameplay is divided into two stages:

The preparatory stage is the first phase in the procedure. Players in Heimdallr use USDT to purchase robots for early interplanetary exploration and resource mining. These resources can be used to cash in or improve their props.

The second stage is the strategic stage, in which players are no longer limited to collecting resources using robots, but have access to a wider range of gameplay options such as battleships, props, and even interstellar migration. Players can employ battleships to pillage other players’ resources or attack players in other galaxies for extra resources.

The first stage is more akin to a “farming civilization,” with players exploitation and governance of their own “small planet.” The second stage is more akin to a “nomadic civilization,” in which gameplay, props, and rules evolve, and players’ “smaller worlds” are connected to form a “larger world” in which battles and conquests take place.

Ecological Props

The two key elements of Heimdallr’s GameFi are the energy series’ production element and the prop series’ exploration element. The combination of these two elements enhances Heimdallr’s gameplay.

Energy series’ element: ore, energy block (EBK)

Prop series’ element: battleships, robots, equipment accessories

· Ore

Brief introduction: Ore is a valuable resource of Heimdallr, widely circulated in metaverse ecology.

Requirements: In order to obtain ore, players must create their own metaverse account in Heimdallr.

Usage: It can be converted into energy block (EBK) in warehouse and cash in directly, and it can also be used to upgrade robots, warships and props.

· Energy block

Brief introduction: The Heimdallr Bridge token, commonly known as EBK, is an energy block that bears all the value of the whole metaverse.

Requirements: In order to acquire energy blocks, players must create their own metaverse account in Heimdallr.

Uses: Ecological consumption, payment, lottery.

· Robot

Function: Collect resources and explore the star domain.

· Battleship

Functions: Collect resources, explore the star domain, star wars, attack and plunder.

Equipment accessories

Brief introduction: It is used for arming robots and battleships, at the same time, it can improve the attributes of robots and battleships.

Token Model

Heimdallr issued the GameFi ecological rights management tokens, or EBK in short, with a total of 420,000,000 tokens.

EBK distribution:

10% strategic sales, 5% liquidity, 21% pledge publishing, 19% game publishing, 5% consultant incentive, 21% team incentive, 10%GameFi foundation governance, 9% strategic fund reserve

Mode of Mechanism

On the basis of the traditional Play To Earn, Heimdallr has made innovations and optimizations, and the advantages of multiple bright spots strengthen the playability of the game, and at the same time enlarge the profitability of the game itself.

· Interstellar travel

Adopting the development’s idea of multi-chain metaverse is the biggest innovation of Heimdallr. With the support of multiple public chains, Heimdallr will have a larger game background and user volume. These advantages will feed back to the metaverse ecology, enhance the user experience, and let users have a deeper perception of the Heimdallr metaverse world.

· Resources to cash

In Heimdallr’s game ecology, no matter “collecting” or “conquering”, resources are indispensable. As the core material of Heimdallr, resources are also positively correlated with players’ strength. Resources can be directly converted into EBK token as the bonus of blockchain games, or they can be accumulated to “arm” the players themselves.

· Fight for battle.

If collecting resources is Heimdallr’s PVE gameplay, then battling and conquering is PVP gameplay. Players constantly “conquer” other players in Heimdallr’s multi-chain metaverse to win resources. They can fight for each other, or they can colonize another star domain with the whole star domain to plunder more resources.

· Fair lottery

In addition to the complete game ecology, Heimdallr also created a fair lottery with a sense of surprise. The whole fair lottery’s process was completely open and transparent. The last seven digits of the Public Chain’s hash value were matched with the last seven digits of the user’s hash value. If they were the same, they would win the prize. If no one won the prize, the prize pool would accumulate to the next lucky draw.


In terms of gameplay, Heimdallr combines “exploration” and “battle” while also incorporating “cultivation” elements to provide players with an immersive metaverse ecosystem. In terms of development, Heimdallr provides cutting-edge technologies such as cross-chain, DeFi, and so on, which indefinitely increase the convenience of the metaverse and create a multi-chain parallel innovative game ecosystem, making the game itself more plastic.

Heimdallr has created a subversive innovation in the present blockchain game, which not only diversifies metaverse’s development but also increases the game’s attractiveness and competitiveness. More significantly, Heimdallr’s brave decision will enhance the metaverse industry’s capabilities!