AGE brings a new way of playing, arbitrage and fragmentation NFT, and the combined DEFI flow pool keeps stable and quick returns.

Best John
3 min readOct 1, 2022


With the decline of the global financial market, it seems that there are fewer and fewer investment products that can bring steady and considerable profits to investors. From the DeFi plate, the potential benefits that the existing liquidity mining and Staking can provide investors are in a state of constant decline, while the NFT plate is not optimistic. On average, the annualized benefits that can be obtained from participating in DeFi or NFT activities are generally less than 10%. DeFi, GameFi, NFT and other track consistency growth is weak, and the overall revenue is poor.

Under this background, AGE is bringing super stable investment returns far exceeding the annualized income of the industry to community users and investors through the segmented flow engine of LaaS (Liquidity as a Service). It is reported that the current participation period of AGE is only 15 days, and the income can reach about 18% every 15 days.

In addition, in the process of providing trading behaviors such as AGE portfolio liquidity, users can also get considerable profits by inviting friends to participate.

AGE is a dual-domain fragmentation engine built on BNB chain, and participants can obtain high returns from portfolio pool through AGE smart contracts.

Make the best plan for AgeDefi & NFT’s liquidity dilemma, so that investors can generate ALPHA returns by choosing a higher, safer and more stable APY portfolio, diversifying risks and taking market neutral positions when risks increase. On the other hand, AGE invests in DeFi industry and actively manages single position and market risk. Single asset exposure, even in high-quality projects, will increase investors’ risks, but when they are tied together, diversification will come into play to get a better risk/reward situation.

AGE improves the liquidity of high-value NFT&DEFI assets by dividing their ownership. Combine asset ownership into AGE, and realize one-click multi-channel revenue.

AGEDefi & NFT has brought an intelligent combination and efficient liquidity return scheme (fragmentation engine) to the world, and another advantage of Age is the optimal rule scheme generated around such a huge financial transaction. AGE’s hierarchy rules better safeguard the interests of all members of the platform, and amplify this advantage, providing an optimal revenue place for the majority of users.

We can see that users’ participation in the pool of AGE fragmentation engines has brought abundant external liquidity to AGE and other ecosystems of blockchain, such as NFT, to further promote the competitiveness of AGE, further expand the practical function scenarios of AGE to obtain better development opportunities, and give potential profit scenarios to all AGE participants. For example, player bonuses, lucky bonuses, Top bonuses, etc!

A number of functions, such as NFT lending platform, AMM pool, etc., will be deployed when the AGE protocol is solved. Expand the function of portfolio pool for users, keep the core value, and continue to explore and manage richer revenue products, so that everyone has the opportunity to participate in and manage advanced superior assets with low threshold.

Being a pioneer in bravely exploring the sea of stars in the future, the rise of AGE will officially launch the first shot of blockchain industry improvement!