AIVERSE Receives Strategic Investment from Blockchain Investment Fund under Aero Century (ACY), a Metaverse Listed Company

Best John
2 min readJan 10, 2022


The AIVERSE received a strategic investment from the blockchain investment fund (Evolution Labs) under Aero Century (ACY), and does not rule out a future acquisition or M&A offer from ACY.US (Aero Century). The two parties reached in-depth cooperation intentions in many aspects such as capital, technology and ecosystemapplication, and signed a memorandum of strategic cooperation.

The investment in AIVERSE is an important step for ACY to further layout the Metaverse. AIVERSE, as a leading global public blockchain network, will provide strong underlying support for ACY to build up the application landscape of the Metaverse.

Aero Century (ACY) : The first NYSE AMEX-listed Metaverse company, its subsidiary Mega Metaverse Corp. (“Mega”), which has deployed the GameFi concept in an innovative combination of NFT (Non-Fungible Token) and DeFi (Decentralized Finance) based on blockchain technology. Using a “ Play-to-earn” model, players can play and earn while they play.

Evolution Labs:A blockchain laboratory invested by ACY.US (AeroCentury), which focuses on investing and incubating the most advanced and cutting-edge blockchain technology and applications.

Meanwhile, it also acquires the most outstanding teams and projects in the blockchain industry all around the world.

ACY.US is believed as the first company that involved in Metaverse and GameFi listed in NYSE America.


AIVERSE is a high-performing, fully decentralized and dev-friendly dual-chain network providing the basic services for the high concurrent computing requirements of Metaverse.