An analysis of MERMAID: an encrypted social meta-universe based on blockchain technology

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5 min readAug 10, 2021


MERMAID is an encrypted social meta-universe based on blockchain technology, which provides users with a more secure, open and free social environment. Decentralized technology makes information transmission more private and gives users a more immersive social experience.

In the existing traditional social field, user privacy and information security are both issues that users attach great importance to. However, due to centralized server storage, users’ social privacy cannot be effectively protected, and will always be affected by various uncontrollable factors, which will eventually lead to the leakage of private information and even directly damage the user’s property security. How to obtain a safe social environment has become an urgent need for most users.

With the development of blockchain technology, users pay more and more attention to this problem. Due to the underlying architectural concept of the traditional social environment and the regulatory systems in various places, it is difficult to solve the security problem of user privacy through the traditional social environment. It is difficult to change this restricted social experience.

And what MERMAID, the encrypted social meta-universe introduced in this article, does is to allow the decentralized underlying architecture to create a new, safe, open, and free social environment for users.

What is MERMAID?

MERMAID is an encrypted social meta-universe developed based on blockchain technology. MERMAID is based on the end-to-end encrypted transmission of information and uses the underlying technology of blockchain decentralization to construct a new encrypted social meta-universe as a connected block. A bridge between chain users, merchants, and DAPP developers to help all users participate in the transformation of the blockchain world faster and better.

MERMAID makes full use of the advantages of blockchain decentralization, subverts traditional social and transaction methods, and forms a new information encryption transmission ecosystem. The privacy and security of each user are guaranteed. At the same time, users can establish a decentralized mechanism and a high-value trust delivery and exchange system on the Internet through the ecosystem established by MERMAID, and share industry development dividends through MERMAID’s ecological incentives. .

MERMAID’s meta-universe architecture

MERMAID’s meta-universe mainly includes the following elements: MERMAID meta-universe = social + entertainment + information + application + APP + transaction + civilization.

Social: Everyone has their own identity in the MERMAID meta-universe. Users can continuously improve their identity in the MERMAID meta-universe, expand the social network, and get to know through the MERMAID square regardless of language and region restrictions. More friends.

Entertainment: There are diversified entertainment methods in the MERMAID meta-universe, including light leisure and entertainment scenes and immersive multiplayer online entertainment applications, so that users of different categories can find their own entertainment in the MERMAID meta-universe. This will increase the in-depth participation of users in the entire ecosystem.

Information: The end-to-end information encryption transmission method based on decentralization is the state of information transmission in the entire MERMAID meta-universe. The privacy of all users can be protected through this transmission state. Based on this, the MERMAID meta-universe is a A very safe and free social environment allows users to have a better social experience.

Application: MERMAID Metaverse provides a one-click migration toolkit for DAPP, which allows developers to easily migrate DAPP applications to MERMAID Metaverse in one click, which greatly saves the time and cost of repeated development. Users directly experience all DAPP services in the MERMAID ecosystem.

APP: MERMAID APP is the reality link entrance of MERMAID metauniverse. Users can link to MERMAID metauniverse through APP anytime and anywhere, and use all functions of MERMAID metauniverse without restriction of any time and place. With the continuous development of 5G technology After mature, we will also use VR and AR devices as MERMAID meta-universe login devices to let users experience a more realistic and rich virtual world.

Transaction: The economic system of MERMAID meta-universe is based on the MERMAID token UMB. Users can conduct consumption, transaction, auction and other behaviors in MERMAID meta-universe through UMB. At the same time, based on our cross-chain technology, we will access more and more Other digital assets can be exchanged freely in MERMAID meta universe.

Civilization: The basic world view of the MERMAID meta-universe is to create a virtual universe parallel to the real world. The development direction of the MERMAID meta-universe will be jointly determined by the holders of the UMB. The development of the MERMAID meta-universe will not be completely limited by the development speed of the real world. It is possible to enter the interstellar age ahead of time, and the MERMAID meta-universe will also join you to witness the sea of stars.

Team and funding partners
MERMAID was established in Singapore. The core technical team comes from Google, Facebook, Microsoft and other Internet companies. It is committed to providing users around the world with high-privacy encrypted chat services and an open meta-universe social ecology. Most of MERMAID members have many years of blockchain development. experience.

At present, MERMAID has received an angel round of investment from the Singapore Foundation. Over 100,000 people have started to use MERMAID for a new social experience.

Development roadmap
As of April 2021, MERMAID has realized end-to-end encrypted information transmission, “decentralized notary mechanism + side chain” hybrid cross-chain technology, ecological protocol development, and has supported global user registration and the complete automation and custody of MERMAID service.

Next, MERMAID will gradually distribute services to the MERMAID network, and complete the casting and distribution of the ecological token UMB. In the future, the community will also participate in the development roadmap of MERMAID, using DeFi one-click migration and token scenario expansion to continuously improve the ecological civilization of the entire meta-universe.

You can download the experience through MERMAID’s official website