C.Pay starts the digital currency Payment 2.0 era in the global financial system to help investors earn bitcoin!

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5 min readMay 20, 2022


The crash of Luna and UST is undoubtedly a devastating blow to DeFi asset storage in the 1.0 era, and it also indirectly spans the whole encryption market. Bitcoin fell below $30,000 and Ethereum fell below $2,000, which can be said to be another “Black Friday” after “519”. However, opportunities are bred in risks. The more crisis, the more dark horse products will appear.

C.Pay appeared at this time. Once it came out, it swept the global cryptocurrency community within a month and won unanimous praise. In a week, the number of users increased by over 30,000. Especially C.Pay’s recent bailout campaign-1 USDT to win BTC! For new users, they can get the opportunity of free lottery by registering the app, and draw BTC, iphone13 and other products. For regular users, invest 1USDT and win a prize of 10BTC. This is equivalent to the user using the principal of 1USDT to leverage 10BTC. The maximum loss is 1USDT, the maximum profit is 10BTC, and the profit-loss ratio is as high as 300,000 times.

Compared with contracts and spot transactions, C.Pay’s capital risk is low and the income is high. The only high risk lies in the number of participants. With the word-of-mouth of C.Pay users, it is only a matter of time before the number of C.Pay participants exceeds one million, and the chance of winning the prize will be greatly reduced at this time. As an early participant, C.Pay is an excellent opportunity for speculators.

What is C.Pay?

According to the official news, C.Pay is a digital currency payment tool that crosses the global financial system. It is committed to building a financial service platform integrating investment, payment, cross-border settlement and other functions, so that users can use digital currency to purchase and sell global products. Products include convenient digital currency payment and collection, digital asset storage and transaction. Users can use their own digital currency to participate in various activities in the product to get more digital currency.

Besides the activity of earning 10BTC for 1USDT, what other products does C.Pay have? Many users are attracted to the future by activities and remain because of the function of C.Pay. In addition to drainage activities, C.Pay also provides users with asset storage and coins earning functions to help them earn more bitcoins and Ethereum. C.Pay earning coins strategy was designed by senior engineers in blockchain industry and Wall Street traders, combined with AI artificial intelligence and big data analysis, and launched a 7*24 compound strategy to help users earn mainstream currencies such as Bitcoin anytime and anywhere.

Compared with similar products, what are the advantages of C.Pay?

1.Easy to operate.

Complex operations are equivalent to rejecting users. Digital currency’s high threshold operation has always been an important factor hindering users’ participation. C.Pay is as easy to operate as Alipay. When making a deposit, show the receipt code. When transferring money, scan the QR code and enter the password. Whether it’s participating in activities or earning bitcoin, C.Pay is really convenient for users, both new and old, to get started as soon as they use it.


Security is the number one problem for users. Compared with the flash back of other platforms, the use of C.Pay has always given people a very comfortable feeling, and there will be no drop in extreme operation. In terms of security, C.Pay implements asset chaining, and adopts hot and cold wallet combination+multiple encryption algorithms+node verification to ensure asset security. Rules are controlled by smart contracts, enforced, open and transparent; The contract address is specified in the fund pool chain, and cannot be transferred at will. Multiple risk control to ensure the safety of users’ funds.

3.7*24h localized customer service.

C.Pay has established local communities in 36 countries including Singapore, Malaysia, the United Kingdom, the United States, etc. The manual customer service cooperates with the online work order system to realize 7*24h uninterrupted service. Users’ needs are quickly responded and solved, and the ultimate user experience is achieved.

4.Model innovation.

Players can participate in a variety of digital currency’s treasure-winning plans, and enjoy the gains of treasure-winning, while superimposing the increase of currency price to achieve double benefits. As a result, the activities are truly decentralized and fair and open. Participants can also see the bonus pool funds in real time and track the lottery results. Cash withdrawal is convenient, and you can withdraw cash when you win the prize, without any obstacles.

5.High returns.

C.Pay gives users a low-cost and high-yield game opportunity by launching the “1USDT Earning 10BTC” activity and the coins earning function of the product, so as to achieve a bigger game in the encryption field. Really meet the needs of users, from the user’s point of view, and constantly improve product functions, and launch more products that compound user needs. Compared with the false profit rate of other competing products, C.Pay has achieved the authenticity of its products, the openness of its results, etc., and can get more participation opportunities by inviting friends,and truly realize the great wealth with a small amount of money.

Among many GameFi projects that appeared this year, C.Pay is undoubtedly the most dark horse. It is expected to stand out in the new round of competition and lead more users in the encrypted world to achieve wealth freedom. Having missed the myth of a million times in the early days of Bitcoin, C.Pay can’t be missed. Embrace the times and the wealth opportunities brought by C.Pay! With the entry of capital, C.Pay is starting a new round of explosive growth!

Official contact information:

1.The latest twitter address: https://twitter.com/CpayFinance

2.The latest telegram address: https://t.me/c_pay

3.Latest Facebook address: https://www.facebook.com/cpay.finance

4.Android package download address: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ljkj.blockpay

5.Apple package download address: itms-apps://itunes.apple.com/cn/app/id1617085155?mt=8

6.Official website: http://www.cpay.finance/