CloudCoin, A Revolutionary Digital Currency to List exclusively on BitMart Exchange

CloudCoins are files with data attached to them

CloudCoin does not use ledgers and can be sent directly to a local wallet, a “SkyWallet” or via email. Each coin can be printed and used as cash.

  • CloudCoin is the fastest and most secure payment system in the world. 16.777MM coins can be authenticated in one second with only one RAIDA. Each RAIDA has mirror systems for redundancy. RAIDA systems can be duplicated for scalability and systems are unlimited.
  • CloudCoin can be backed up on a flash drive, other physical medium, in the cloud, or all the above. Coins can be backed up numerous times but once spent, others will be regarded counterfeit by the RAIDA.
  • CloudCoin is green and is the most energy efficient payment system in the world. The RAIDA system uses virtually zero energy to authenticate, thus no powerplants or energy consuming data centers needed because there is no blockchain.
  • CloudCoin is the only coin that is free to transact. With no mining, there is no gas to pay, and only 100% of hard-earned money to keep.
  • CloudCoin is the only coin that can handle all the world’s transactions at one time. It is scalable with no limitations, unlike other crypto or digital currencies that are still trying to find their place.
  • CloudCoin is the only coin that is 100% private. There is no ledger and unable to be traced. You can carry your entire wealth in your pocket, or in your mind.
  • CloudCoin is the only coin that can be stored in a file and not on a ledger. Files can be printed and traded or stored in any medium.
  • CloudCoin is the only coin that is quantum safe. The RAIDA is similarly based on the Domain Name System (DNS) but exponentially superior, a system that has never been down since inception in 1983. A system that is coined “Data Supremacy”.
  • CloudCoin is the only coin that can’t be lost or stolen. The coin supply is finite, and all lost coins are 100% recoverable. No new coins will be minted, and abandoned coins will eventually recycle to keep the supply flush at the original 16.777MM.
  • CloudCoin is the easiest coin to use. Wallet setup time is only minutes, transactions are clean and instant, private ledgers exist within each personal wallet only under ownership passcode.
  • CloudCoin is the “Last” digital currency.



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