Community-Driven Interstellar Metaverse GiiO Interstellar Explorer, Will List Binance NFT Soon

Best John
3 min readMar 18, 2022

Recently, the chain game track featuring concepts such as Metaverse and Play to Earn (play to earn) has become more and more popular, accompanied by the wealth effect brought by playing earning games and the influx of a large number of users. This track where encryption technology is fully applied in the game industry has attracted the attention of the industry.

This article will select the “potential stocks” projects that may be underestimated in the chain game track in the near future according to the current development status and trends of the industry, and analyze the product highlights. Among them, data indicators such as project characteristics and circulation, growth rate and turnover rate will be used as important reference factors for measurement.

For example, we will introduce a chain game that will land on the Binance NFT trading market in the first quarter of 2022 — the community-driven interstellar metaverse project, GiiiO Interstellar Explorer.

Many capital and investors are paying attention, and the Binance NFT trading section will be launched soon, which deserves the attention of all players.

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1.Introduction of GiiiO:

GiiiO Interstellar Explorer is a community-driven interstellar metaverse where players, developers and investors collaborate in the game to advance the game together and gain continuous revenue. It is a 3D interstellar adventure RPG chain game, players need to buy 1 GiiiO NFT to start the game. GiiiO is currently built on the bsc chain, and the first game “Star Explorer” is scheduled to be launched around April this year. Players can get rewards by owning, synthesizing, trading, and competing.

The first round of 300 Genesis Mystery Boxes is expected to be released on Binance NFT in March. Genesis Boxes may issue Genesis NFTs, which contain value-added attributes.

2.Introduction of technical team

GiiiO is a distributed DAO with members from Ireland, Germany, the United States, Canada, the Netherlands, Pakistan, and some parts of Asia such as Taiwan, China. It is a diverse and interesting team. GiiiO has mods from 16 countries, all of whom come from the community, and help GiiiO complete multilingualization and localization. Community is GiiiO’s most valuable asset, and a diverse community is the cornerstone of growing into the Metaverse.

And Binance Labs Investment Director Chase Guo said: “The GiiiO team has deep gaming expertise and extensive product design experience. After launching their GameFi platform on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), we believe GiiiO will become a leader in the development of the gaming industry. Important contributors, thereby benefiting all users in the BSC ecosystem.”

3.Certik security audit

The Metaverse ecological platform GiiiO has passed the US Certik code audit.

CertiK blockchain network security company, the world’s top auditing company, was co-founded by Yale University and Columbia University computer science professors. Designed to identify and eliminate security breaches using network and software security techniques.

4.Cooperative institutions

LaCryptoMonkey, SatoshisGeekSquad, TheLondonCrypto, Crypto_Maestro, etc.z