Cosmic Journey (CUSE) creates a low threshold for all citizens to participate in the world of chain travel

Best John
4 min readSep 15, 2021

The success of Axie Infinity represents the opening of the era of NFT games, but NFT games will not stop at Axie Infinity. Many people have missed Axie in the wait-and-see and information asymmetry. However, most of the NFT games on the market just stay in the hype stage of the NFT concept, without the design of the game sector.

NFT has made chain games. The future Internet of Value is mainly based on the non-homogeneous token NFT. NFT is a digital value carrier better than FT, and it is also an inevitable trend of the Internet of Value. The concept and path of the chain game is to use NFT to realize the exchange of data value, and conduct decentralized transactions based on this, while the game realizes the transaction in a fun way, and the marketing realizes the user growth. This cross mode of NFT+Defi+Game has formed a huge synergy, which has facilitated the landing of chain games.

Cosmic Journey is an on-chain game that integrates “Meta Universe+NFT+DeFi+Development+Management+Competition”. It casts multiple well-known IPs into NFT cards, and uses the two-way empowerment of the original IP to enhance the foundation of NFT cards. At the same time, the card consumption is carried out through the way of game battle. As the battle continues, the number of cards will gradually decrease, realizing the upgrade of card value.

Cosmic journey enriches the user experience and entertainment by rewarding the governance token CUSE. The token CUSE is produced by NFT card pledge mining.

NFT is obtained through installment of BNB subscription. Each NFT card is independently encrypted on the chain and is unique, and no one can copy and modify it. CUSE NFT launched the BSC chain for the first time, and will gradually be deployed on multi-chain operations on public chains that support EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) (such as HECO, Polygon (matic), Sonala, OKexChain, etc.) in the future.

Cosmic journey aims to build a huge meta-universe ecology. In the future, these games will be in the “Play to Earn” model. CUSE tokens will promote the circulation between games. The more games on the platform later, the price will rise accordingly. . As a high-quality game ecology, there must be a corresponding learning mechanism. Just like the “water squad” spontaneously established by Axie, some old players lead some new players, so that new players can integrate into the game world faster. Cosmic Journey also established a game autonomous community through DAO autonomy, allowing old players and new players to unite, learn from each other and make progress together, accelerate the adaptation of new players to the game ecology, and encourage old players to contribute to the development of the game ecology. The ecological mechanism of “Play to Earn” promotes player enthusiasm.

Cosmic Journey Fund (Quality Developer Support Program):

In the planning of the Cosmic Journey Fund, high-quality chain games that access the Cosmic Journey ecosystem in the future will receive support and incentives from the Cosmic Journey Fund to help game developers reduce development pressure.

A steady stream of projects on the shelves (to realize the value of CUSE tokens and the rapid development of the platform):

Driven by the platform, create an open world, empower immersive gameplay, and ensure the game view, gameplay and core experience of the game project. Based on the aggregation and distribution platform, Cosmic Journey creates an open meta-universe world. Through a unified and magnificent meta-universe world view, it provides players with a game view with a high degree of freedom and great imagination; and the “Play-” built around the meta-universe “to-Earn” gameplay will give players great game incentives, and with the motivation to continue playing, the ultimate meta-universe virtual reality will be through blockchain technology, AR/VR technology, Internet of Things, etc. The combination of technology brings players an immersive scene and gives players an immersive feeling.

With the comprehensive improvement of the encryption industry’s infrastructure, the development of chain games has entered the fast lane. A considerable number of high-quality chain game projects are slowly emerging. Cosmic journey is one of them, and is building the blockchain version of “Steam”. The road goes smoother and smoother. Although Cosmic Journey still has some short-term problems, from the natural combination of integrated chain tour and blockchain technology, Cosmic Journey has a very broad future development prospects. Perhaps what we need is patience and calmness. Quietly waiting for the day when Cosmic Journey will become “Steam” on the chain.