Crypto Kitties 3D Game Goes Live on 1st Nov

The Crypto Kitties 3D game will go live on 1st November, 2021 and for now only 3 days to go. At the same time, the BNB/KITT trading pair will be available on Pancake Swap. Thank you for your support and company all the way. After the game is officially launched, all functions will be open to the public. We invite you to join us in the Play to Earn world of Crypto Kitties 3D!

Crypto Kitties 3D: digital pet metaverse platform integrates NFT + DeFi + GameFi

Crypto Kitties 3D is a digital pet metaverse platform developed on Binance Smart Chain. It integrates NFT + DeFi + GameFi and runs entirely through smart contracts.

In the Crypto Kitties 3D ecosystem, you can see the ingenious combination of games and digital collectibles, where players can buy, incubate, fight, and trade kitties. Each kitty NFT allows players to easily earn income while mining on the farm and fighting on the battlefield. Crypto Kitties 3D is different in that it mainly positions itself as a “PlaytoEarn” game. The player’s focus is to obtain higher rewards through the game’s economic system, and they can sell these NFTs to earn revenue too.

Crypto Kitties 3D: lower entry barrier, more profitable

Compared with the recent hot project Axie Infinity, although its various performances are recognized by the public, there are still few pain points. For example, Axie is based on the Ronin Network. To enter the game, all players need to transfer assets to Ronin Wallet through cross-chain. This part of the operation is extremely complicated, which makes it difficult for many newcomers to get started. Crypto Kitties 3D benefits from Binance Smart Chain’s large global user scale, so products on Binance Smart Chain can often get support from various communities around the world, and the barriers to entry for users are also lower.

In addition, Crypto Kitties 3D can use any decentralized wallet that supports BSC to enter. In terms of economic models, the mining mechanism developed by Crypto Kitties 3D allows users to enter the game at a very low cost. It also includes 5 farming pools of different levels and high-yield battlefield mining pool, granting different users the opportunity to get different rates of return, making the game highly playable.

In the context of Crypto Kitties 3D, this project is to commemorate and inherit the once-popular Crypto Kitties, which is the first on-chain product that caused congestion on the Ethereum network. The 3D kitty redesigned by Crypto Kitties 3D has better recognition and collection value. Each kitty is an exclusive NFT with different attributes. If you can get a superior kitty, it will bring for you good income from the entire NFT market.


Looking back at the market trends since the beginning of 2021, NFT is without doubt the biggest direction. Along with the various games, avatars, and ecology derived from NFT, unprecedented results have been achieved. Crypto Kitties 3D which integrates NFT + DeFi + Game is also the leader in this “NFT prosperity”. Take the chance and join the game right now!