Damo Labs’ Value Investing Road — Calm in the “Madness”

In the cryptocurrency market in 2021, after experiencing Bitcoin Ether’s continuous new highs, DeFi’s frenzy, and NFT’s breaking out of the circle, Dogecoin, which Musk shouted at, climbed up and became the king of traffic in one leap, completely igniting the market enthusiasm. Under the leadership of Dogecoin, the animal coin series ushered in a wild rise and staged a “Crazy Animal City”!

Dogecoin keyword hotness trend shown by search engine

The surge of animal coins has caused many traditional digital currency investors to have serious doubts about their investment logic and investment experience. The model and investment approach of project valuation through technology, product and team in the blockchain field failed across the board in front of the rise of these coins. Soon, however, due to Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s tweet announcing that Tesla would no longer accept bitcoin as a means of payment, tighter government regulation in mainland China, and continued official media crackdowns. Market sentiment took a sharp turn for the worse as the cryptocurrency market entered its most heavily regulated and volatile cycle since September 2017. Multiple cryptocurrencies saw the largest declines of more than 50%, and the animal coin series was once close to zero status.

Only value investing is the way to a healthy blockchain industry, and this is a financial belief that Damo Labs has always believed in.

( Damo Labs website: www.damolabs.com )

Damo Labs is a blockchain investment institution that focuses on value investment. It maintains a high level of focus on public chain, DeFi, Polkadot, Layer2, Web3, NFT, etc. Damo Labs has a complete and mature project investment logic and trend-compliant value analysis methodology to screen and select projects with development potential based on a complete and in-depth investment research analysis.

In May 2021, Damo Labs has received an initial investment fund of USD 20 million led by AEX Anbank, Damo Labs will actively look for quality startups and investment opportunities, and hope to grow with quality projects and teams. As a strategic partner of SoftBank Singapore and Waterdrip Capital, DamoLabs can provide top media and operational resources for early stage blockchain projects. Damo Labs has already completed investments in quality projects such as CryptoArt.Ai , O3 Swap, DoraFactory, Nabox, ,TheForceTrade, Niftsy, KAKA NFT World xNFT etc.

TokenDamo is a community media under Damo Labs, a professional platform mainly serving the digital pass investment community, TokenDamo brings together the head resources of the blockchain industry to get the first-hand information of the industry. TokenDamo focuses on pass market analysis and prediction, quality pass projects and analysis, investment insights and strategy sharing.

Examples of TokenDamo collaborations include : CryptoArt.Ai, Curve, Solana, Kava, DODO, DoraFactory, Orca, O3 Swap, Axie Infinity, Bancor, Cere Network, Mask Network, SandBox, Ultra, etc. Ultra, etc.

Although the cryptocurrency market is receiving more and more attention, it is still in a very early stage. Damo Labs believes that blockchain technology will be a key factor in transforming the entire human society, and moreover, we believe that the code can have unlimited imagination. We are very fortunate to be able to participate in the wave of this era, to contribute our part to the world’s change and innovation, and to witness the take-off and development of the crypto circle.