DDEX, the world’s leading NFT fragmentation management system, opens the channel for NFT wealth investment

Best John
3 min readAug 10, 2022

With more and more investors pouring into the field of NFT, it is common for the price of popular NFT to easily exceed thousands of dollars, and even more popular NFT can reach the sky price of millions of dollars. On the one hand, it reflects the growing wealth charm of NFT assets, and on the other hand, it also raises the threshold of NFT investment. The advent of DDEX has opened up a channel for investors to invest in high-value and high growth NFT, which has been paid close attention and favored by the market.

What is DDEX?

DDEX is a one-stop NFT trading aggregator built on the BSC smart chain. It realizes the circulation and expansion in the ecosystem through the unique ecological value token DDswap. The NFT fragmentation management system and the smart contract of the insurance agreement, which have been researched and developed, reduce the NFT investment threshold and investment risk, and effectively guarantee the stable and sustainable investment income of investors. The DDEX team and cooperation institutions come from powerful organizations around the world. They work together to empower the DDEX ecology and provide strong support for platform operation and continuous iterative optimization.

What is the NFT fragmentation management system and the insurance agreement smart contract?

In order to realize the participation of everyone in NFT and reduce the threshold of funding, DDEX has mastered the international cutting-edge NFT fragmentation technology. NFT fragmentation means that NFT is divided into definable ownership division units. The biggest feature of DDswap’s NFT fragmentation system is use sharing. During the ICO period, the key is to design the token, and in the NFT design, making it a DD NFT is also the key.

Furthermore, DDEX’s NFT fragmentation management system provides NFT holders with a solution to maintain liquidity while holding NFT, and provides potential buyers with a lower NFT entry threshold. DD NFT can make it easier to buy and hold a certain proportion of NFT by converting NFT into DD NFT. Similarly, through DD NFT, users can obtain liquidity even if they do not sell the entire asset.

The smart contract of the price protection agreement is to determine the bottom line of NFT price in advance on DDEX and automatically execute it through the smart contract, thus ensuring the income of NFT investors. Since the price bottom line of NFT was determined in advance, the risk of NFT investment was well controlled, thus solving the investor’s concern that the price of NFT in the current market has fallen excessively.

What is the guarantee of DDEX?

DDEX’s confidence comes from its powerful team and cooperative institutions. DDEX’s team members are industry leaders in the fields of blockchain and finance. They have professional authority and deep relationships in the financial application field of blockchain. The core members have led many successful blockchain projects. DDEX’s cooperation institutions include square, Inc., binance, coinbase global Inc., Argo blockchain and other well-known blockchain institutions, which can provide strong support to DDEX in terms of capital, platform, marketing and traffic, and jointly promote the new creation and distribution of NFT wealth with DDEX.

Conclusion: platform strength is the foundation of DDEX’s success

Whether in terms of ecology, technology, team, or the strength of cooperative institutions, DDEX has achieved the extreme of the blockchain platform, so the success of DDEX has sufficient confidence. With its strong executive power, DDEX is steadily accelerating its progress towards the predetermined great goal and creating wealth one after another!