DEAPCOIN,An ERC-20 Utility Token, to List on BitMart Exchange

BitMart, a premier global digital asset trading platform will list DEAPCOIN (HEC) on March 11, 2022. For all BitMart users, the HEC/USDT trading pair will be officially available for trading at 05:00 AM EST.

DEAPcoin comes from DEA, a Singapore headquartered blockchain-based multimedia digital entertainment group that issues NFTs and provides original games, JobTribes, whose members are part of the Blockchain Gaming Association and providing GameFi service.

With the traditional industrial network, DEA owns original IPs drawn by more than 70 famous manga artists and original content such as animes and mangas.

The NFTs also serve as collectibles for fans of the issuing famous artists.

DEA’s platform ultimately aims to protect the copyrights of individual artworks in the secondary market.

A portion of the sales will be rewarded back to the original creators forever, which incentivizes them to contribute their artworks to the NFT marketplace.

The concept of distributing cryptocurrency to users can attract a large amount of users across the world to participate, thereby building the DEP ecosystem.


With the power of entertainment and technology, a new culture and future economy

DEP are the next generation Entertainment Company that will create a new economy and culture with entertainment and assets in the digital age based on blockchain technology. A new culture and market created on the basis of “fun”. DEP will change/defy the conventional way of the era where DEP buy “fun” with the money DEP earn working.

With people from all over the world, DEP will create a new era of entertainment economy where DEP can live freely.

About BitMart

BitMart Exchange is a premier global digital assets trading platform with over 5 million users worldwide and ranked among the top crypto exchanges on CoinMarketCap. BitMart currently offers 800+ trading pairs with one of the lowest trading fees in the market. To learn more about BitMart, visit their Website, follow their Twitter, or join their Telegram for more updated news and promotions. Download BitMart App to trade anytime, anywhere.


PlayMining is the leading NFT game platform of the global GameFi (Game-based Decentralized Finance) industry. Launching on May 26th, 2020 as the world’s first Play to Earn token economy, the service now has over 2 million players from 100 countries. *Axie Infinity began distributing SLP July 9th of the same year.To learn more about DEAPCOIN, please visit their Website, follow their Twitter and join their Telegram.

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