DEFI+NFT cross-chain aggregation platform BFAV has been launched in TRON block chain

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2 min readAug 8, 2021


BFAV is a new generation of Defi+NFT cross-chain aggregator platform, committed to creating decentralized network protocols, realizing multi-currency pledge and lending of financial services platform, jointly created by a number of investment institutions and global well-known communities.

BFAV is a governance token of this platform, with a total issuance of 90,000. It is issued on the TRON block chain and has been launched on Justswap.Community autonomy, no project party, no maker, transparent data, open on the block chain, the capital pool is distributed to add liquidity by the consensus of users holding BFAV tokens, and jointly create ten thousand times ecological currency.

The platform supports USDT、TRX、BFAV and other eco-currency pledges and loans. When users deposit, the platform will automatically allocate funds to the agreements with the highest yield at present.Users will receive equity certificate BToken, which represents the deposit assets and dividend proof. Later deposit users can withdraw deposit assets and dividend income assets through BToken.
BFAV contracts: TKBBpvo3DEmiGkZnFk9aMFRzf4yBMpvUA4
Users can pledge to mine and borrow money through the official website

BFAV provides more investment opportunities and ways for us ordinary investors!Let’s witness the birth of ten thousand times coin!



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