EDAO is the world’s first sharing alliance, and the donation was launched on its official website on May 25

Best John
3 min readMay 23, 2022

According to official news, edao, the eater address scanning (eat) ecological project, was officially launched recently and will start donation on the official website on May 25. Edao is the eat black hole scanning ecological project, which is a community autonomous and innovative business model jointly launched by the whole ecological consensus of eat, aiming to create the value of eat and revive defi2 0 new heat wave.

Dozens of community consensus bases have been precipitated through eater address scanning (eat). Based on this, edao came into being to further expand the value of eater address scanning (eat) and open up a new shared business model for the community. Edao was designed to create community value at the beginning of its birth. Its business model concept completely entrusts the market value authority to community autonomy. When the consensus alliance works together, its strength can not be underestimated, especially on the basis of eater address scanning (eat) community.

EDAO:The trend of decentralization and liberalization is the future

The market cannot eliminate all the unfair factors in the human world, but the emergence of Dao system gives people the opportunity of spiritual fairness. Whether you are a senior boss or an ordinary user, you are equal in the edao spiritual world. In the Web3 era of decentralized technology, innovative spirit, pursuit of ideal egalitarianism and free and democratic edao system, edao will become an important means to promote the change of business model and people’s life. A new idea of “decentralized community creation” began to sprout on the road of Web3.

EDAO:DAO+DEX,DeFi Another strong dark horse on the track

In 2022, the total TVL of defi lock up reached US $100 billion, of which DEX accounted for 46%, an increase of more than 100 times compared with 19 years! DEX has emerged as the most important infrastructure in the world. Based on the premise that edao completely discards permissions (including contracts, bottom pools, etc.), users mine by injecting liquidity to bring benefits to themselves. No cumbersome procedures such as registration and KYC are required, and only one wallet address is required for transaction, with higher security. Under the decentralized and decentralized donation mode of edao, the eater address scanning (eat) community can easily inject the underlying strength into edao, which undoubtedly becomes a necessary condition for the success of edao.

To sum up, edao = eat + Dao + DEX. The goal of edao is to create an autonomous management system for multi asset interoperability through all-round basic functions and diversified economic model, establish a perfect ecosystem of Delphi, provide complete decentralized financial infrastructure, become an integrator in the field of Delphi, and create more possibilities for the value flow of the existing EATR address scanning (eat), Let more people share benefits under the background of blockchain technology development!