Embark on an Intergalactic Journey with HyperVerse

Best John
3 min readDec 8, 2021


HyperVerse announces entry into the raging Metaverse space, designing an alternate reality where intergalactic voyagers can design their own virtual lives

5th December 2021 — HyperCommunity supporters and fans from around the world gathered to witness a monumental event — the official unveiling of the brand-new HyperVerse at its Global Launch Event. Termed as the latest and biggest entrant into the metaverse, the HyperVerse is a virtual galaxy that comprises of an immeasurable number of planets, where users can explore infinite possibilities based on some of the newest technologies in the market at the moment.

The event was graced by a number of heavyweight VIPs, such as Steven Lewis, CEO of HyperTech Group and HyperVerse, Sam Lee, Chairman of HyperTech Group; Ryan Xu, Founder of HyperTech Group and Co-Founder of Collinstar Capital; Grig Richter, CMO of Molecular Future; and Chris Hector, CEO of Genaro Network.

Moving on with the Times

During the event, Sam made a captivating speech that served to explain the Group’s rationale for branching off into the metaverse. The world of crypto is on a fast-paced evolution, and companies should constantly grow and improve, or risk being disqualified by the changing times. According to him, the HyperVerse ecosystem will have a decentralized network governance that will oversee major decisions of the platform. In the future, more initiatives will be implemented to bring the platform closer to total decentralization in terms of their operations and services, so as to give more autonomy to their users.

Ryan also shared his views on current and upcoming market trends. Inflation was a big issue amongst investors in 2021, and Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are now increasingly seen as a sustainable hedge against the general progressive increase in the consumer price index. Some of the latest trends in the crypto market, such as NFTs or GameFi, will complement the metaverse in a convincing fashion, and he was adamant that users should look forward to the continued growth of the overall blockchain sector.

The Grand Unveiling

The star of the night, HyperTech Group and HyperVerse’s CEO Steven shared the company’s roadmap and goals for the future, and explained what the HyperVerse ecosystem would entail. The platform will be established so that it is flexible to adopt to multiple regulatory systems for the various regulated and unregulated services, as well as products within the HyperVerse ecosystem. The HyperVerse metaverse covers a range of services, as highlighted by Ryan, such as DeFi, the huge world of NFTs, GameFi, and of course the metaverse itself. For example, DeFi services would be integrated onto the platform, while almost every object can be minted or exchanged or traded as an NFT. These are some of the features that would ensure that a sustainable in-world economy can grow and flourish within the HyperVerse ecosystem.

Steven foresees that users would eventually be able to make their journey in the HyperVerse ecosystem a full-time endeavour, much like how games like Axie Infinity have provided for their users. He emphasized that the metaverse offers immense potential to revolutionize everyone’s lives, lifestyles and communications, and the limitless HyperVerse ecosystem will create a parallel system of existence that will change how people live, interact and even how companies and corporations will conduct business. He concluded his speech by highlighting that there would be something for everyone within the HyperVerse, so look forward to what the upcoming galactic universe has in store.

The Path Forward

With the emphasis on regulatory compliance from HyperTech Group for years, Sam, Ryan, Steven and other presenters emphasized that the HyperVerse would also lead in accommodating changes in blockchain and cryptocurrency regulations and its impact on this massive metaverse project. HyperVerse will be rolled out as two separate parts: One is the HyperVerse membership platform, focused on blockchain education and membership rewards which remains unregulated; the second is the exciting new HyperVerse ecosystem which includes a mix of potentially regulated and unregulated products and services. Of course, one step at a time, the event launch focused on the ground-breaking HyperVerse ecosystem, which will roll out in Q1 of 2022.