Emerging opportunities for the blockchain track, the GBTC value is predictable in the future

Best John
3 min readAug 19, 2021


In Today’s increasingly mature quantitative trading technology, because of the characteristics of stable + efficiency, quantitative trading is also highly sought after in the blockchain circle. A variety of software and platforms that claim to stabilize high returns emerge in an endless stream, and users are difficult to distinguish the good or bad, so what kind of quantification is really good quantification?

Typically speaking, quantitative trading refers to the use of computer technology to dig out the indicators that affect investment from historical financial data through modeling, analysis and optimization of parameters, and use programs to conduct automatic trading to obtain “excess” returns. On the basis of traditional quantitative trading, Grayscale Intelligence cooperates with many investment institutions to issue trust chain GBTC, to solve the application technology of trust fund from institutional guarantee to blockchain technology guarantee.

Since the birth of Grayscale Intelligence, it has been favored by many users. At present, Grayscale has assets of more than 10 billion, which is the best proof of the choice of grayscale. Many gray degree investors, may not be optimistic about digital currency, but the annual income of gray degree is very considerable, with the income alone, let gray degree get a lot of users.

With the development of gray scale so hot, the emergence of GBTC is more striking, and even called one of the most potential investment products by some users, so what is the magic about GBTC? Let’s analyze it deeper.

Strong technical background. In 2013, DCG (Digital Currency Group) established the Grayscale Investment Corporation (Grayscale Investment Trust) to serve institutional investors and high-net worth qualified investors through compliant fund operations. Its investment map spans various segments of the blockchain industry, including exchanges, underlying agreements, wallets, etc. The famous cryptocurrency media website CoinDesk and the trading platform Genesis all belong to its subsidiaries.

Flexible trading.Grayscale Trust has a certain popularity in Wall Street, investors can worry, rest assured to buy. In addition, the transaction price of gray-scale products strictly tracks the market trend, and their products have the corresponding property rights and can be transferred. These reasons welcome Grayscale Trust, which has a large audience of these institutions and consortia. In addition, Grayscale Intelligent Global Blockchain Center will officially release the GBTC smart contract on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) in November, and the liquidity mining V1 version will open at the same time, when PANCAKE will open trading on the GBTC chain, and users do not need to worry about the liquidity risk of assets.

Business prospects are broad. GBTC Airdrop + Grayscale Intelligence is a brand new business form, where users also have the opportunity to get airdrop rewards, and with the continuous development of the project, they also cooperate with a large number of high-quality communities. User growth, opportunity growth, and no need to worry about the risk of legalization and market supervision, the prospect is naturally unlimited.

The current blockchain market wind, in innovation as the mainstream development direction today, only constantly launch better technology and development route, to achieve curve overtaking, GBTC consensus model to replace technology model, more in line with the current global economic environment, the power of blockchain development quietly changed, the era of GBTC stage has just opened, GBTC will open up a new road for users in the field of blockchain, build a new ecological belongs to GBTC.