Encrypted environmental trailblazer Forest may lead the way in global resource sustainability

Best John
4 min readMay 31, 2021


Foreword: The earth is the only home on which we human beings live!

In this earth home, people are the masters of the earth. Besides human beings, there are many other living things, such as flowers, trees, insects, fish, birds and animals. These creatures live in the same environment with human beings and together form this balanced family. This pristine ecological balance is extremely rare on a global scale because the natural environment provides the environmental resources for human survival and development, but at the same time is greatly damaged by human beings. Only when the natural environment is in a state of ecological balance and harmony can the future of mankind be optimistic.

Therefore, the importance of protecting the environment is obvious. However, most companies and individuals around the world are plundering the earth’s property for profit, endlessly digging and developing, making the habitat on which human beings depend no longer beautiful. The phrase “no gain, no rise” is a good example of the negative attitude of people towards environmental protection.
ncrypted World Gives More Responsibility for Environmental Protection

Therefore, Forest, a blockchain technology landing project dedicated to developing the direction of environmental protection, was born. The startup team said, “Forest’s mission is to use blockchain technology to tokenize assets in the direction of environmental protection.”

Forest, strategically invested by many well-known investment institutions, is a new generation of financial management contracts developed based on Heco. It aims to bring users investment products with practical landing support and achieve a faster, low-fee, secure and stable trading environment.

Forest team has been working deeply in the blockchain direction for many years and is dedicated to combining environment and technology. It leverages sustainable, circular economy-driven practices to intelligently contract various methodologies on environmental issues, connects scattered environmental data silos, and builds a global coverage network for environmental credible data monitoring and collection, allowing everyone to participate in the immediate benefits of environmental governance.

Forest believes that only by taking the initiative to reduce environmental damage and the negative consequences of environmental damage will everyone be able to participate in the benefits of environmental management. The concept of global environmental protection will only become fashionable and sought after when the value of environmental protection is recognized through a series of actions.

1. Innovative environmental supervision and management mechanism
Forest provides transparency and traceability through the underlying blockchain technology to reduce resource consumption in various industries around the world and reduce the impact of human activities on negative environment and society. This can also help combat the use of counterfeit materials that damage the environment, due to the open source and searchable nature of the blockchain itself.

2. Unique reward mechanism
Forest takes the lead in breaking down the barriers between the environment and the digital economy. Based on the identification of environmental data rights and assets, it uses planning and design of an effective economic incentive model that combines rights, obligations, and incentives.

Forest is becoming a means of global circulation governance to achieve efficient and credible circulation, sharing, and exchange of environmental data and assets, prompting environmental data and asset interests, regulators, industry associations, and individuals to be integrated into an organic governance system. With an orderly economic cycle and innovative blockchain + environment, Forest value space will have great value-added opportunities. By empowering the act of environmental protection, Forest token will surely contribute greatly to the overall process of global environmental protection.

A pioneer in blockchain + environmental protection

It is worth noting that Forest eco-token is not only a practical scenario for the application of environmental protection values, but also a forward-looking technical model for the issuance and trading mechanism of the token itself. Forest is the name of the project token.

Forest’s total issuance is 1 billion tokens, and the token is 100% circulated. The team has no set-aside and no mining. The system sets 5% tax deduction for each transaction, of which 3% is destroyed and 2% is distributed to all holders. In addition, the team is determined to never issue more and adopt the permanent destruction mechanism of extreme deflation to further ensure the value of Forest token.

Blockchain + environmental protection is still a novel field today. There are no similar products on the market yet, and Forest is the first to break the constraints and become the front runner of the times. Its unique mechanism has already caused a great response in the community, and the number of community members is growing.

For questions or inquiries about Forest, please follow the official Forest community. There will be airdrops and other benefits in the Forest China community soon, so stay tuned!