Fabwelt Studios Limited, The Biggest Metaverse and Gaming Ecosystem , to List on BitMart Exchange

Best John
2 min readDec 1, 2021


BitMart, a premier global digital asset trading platform, will list Fabwelt Studios Limited (WELT) on December 3, 2021. For all BitMart users, the WELT/USDT trading pair will be officially available for trading at 03:00 AM EST.

What is Fabwelt Studios Limited ?

Fabwelt aspires to be the biggest metaverse and gaming ecosystem on not only Polygon, but in the entire blockchain space. They will do this by combining multiple high-end games with in-game NFTs and DeFi to create an exceptional play-to-earn ecosystem.









Arsenal is a 3D First Person Shooter (FPS) game developed by Fabwelt with it’s unique In-Game NFTs as utilities and Play to Earn. It features fascinating tournaments with extraordinary maps and features. Developed with Unity and integrated over blockchain.

MVP: arsenal.fabwelt.com


Fanwelt is a Fantasy Sports Gaming Platform under Fabwelt ecosystem. It is where users participate in one or many sporting tournaments to bag daily rewards and tournaments prizes. Status: In Development

About BitMart

BitMart Exchange is a premier global digital assets trading platform with over 5 million users worldwide and ranked among the top crypto exchanges on CoinMarketCap. BitMart currently offers 370+ trading pairs with one of the lowest trading fees in the market. To learn more about BitMart, visit their website, follow their Twitter, or join their Telegram for more updated news and promotions. Download BitMart App to trade anytime, anywhere.

About Fabwelt Studios Limited

FabWelt is a revolutionary Metaverse ecosystem that is focused on improving the gaming landscape by utilizing blockchain technology in high-end games.

The aim of FABWELT Ecosystem is to amplify the fun of gaming with in-game NFTs, Play to Earn, and In-game DeFi. Fabwelt Team is building the largest metaverse ecosystem on the blockchain. This is being done by merging blockchain technology and high-end games, which will attract gamers and artists all over the world.

FabWelt’s team has established the brand’s outreach by building a consistent social media presence on dominant platforms and networks, including Twitter, Discord, Telegram, LinkedIn, Medium, Instagram, Facebook and GitHub.