FREED creates a new order of Defi+DAO+SocialFi with its promising masterpiece to be launched soon.

Best John
2 min readFeb 27, 2022


Introduction to Free DAO

Free DAO is a community DAO governance aggregation protocol that supports DeFi protocol, which helps users to automatically obtain the benefits of POS algorithm. Each block will automatically assign token to users who contribute to community governance.

Users can get the packaged income of each block by holding FREED token.

In order to ensure liquidity, FREED does not withdraw from the flow pool on a large scale to generate revenue for each block.

For users who provide liquidity to obtain LP on DEX, they can pledge LP on the chain smart contract to obtain multiple mining income.

Free DAO is an early ecological management token as Defi+DAO+SocialFi. In order to reward investors and punish speculators, economic models of deflation in trading and inflation in holding are set up to better maintain value growth and ecological application.

When 2.0 Swap Pro goes online, the FREED protocol governance token automatically switches to the platform NFT warrant. Shareholders have the following ecological rights and interests: application dividend rights and interests of ecological scenes such as Swap Pro, Metaverse, Social Fi, Gamefi, Web3.0, NFT, decentralized autonomous organization, etc.

Strategic planning:

Freed version 1.0 was developed by Polkadot code contributors. It is completely open source and runs on the whole chain. By establishing a good reputation, when the drainage address reaches 50,000+,the DAO organization votes to open version 2.0 of Swap Pro to empower FREED, and by destroying FREED, it digs out Swap Procoin DSOF and launches the centralized major exchanges. Version 3.0 launches its own public chain and launches the first Gamfi hero Pro to empower the platform coin. Its ultimate goal is to make every contributor with money become a platform shareholder and enjoy the overall ecological dividend for life.