GDCC will become the next “Bitcoin” that people are chasing

As we all know, technology leads the future and knowledge changes destiny. In the current era, the blockchain will lead the digital economy system, and the digital economy is the best choice for current innovative businesses. Just like Bitcoin and Ethereum’s Bitcoin in the beginning, each price starts from a worthless price to the current price of tens of thousands of dollars and thousands of dollars. The most famous is Bitcoin. The price of BTC is up to more than 60,000 US dollars, which is a very large increase.And now the rising “star” GDCC, are you able to grasp it?

GDCC is registered in Singapore and is regulated by the Singaporean government, with registration certificate number 202107347W. The GDCC technical team was established in 2017 and finally went live in March 2021 after more than 3 years of research and development.

The DEFI3.0 digital asset pledged mining created by GDCC, users use BTC, ETH, USDT, TRX to pledge on the GDCC platform. The GDCC platform guarantees the security of GDCC users’ digital assets through the technology of blockchain smart contracts that cannot be tampered with.

Users pledge BTC, ETH, USDT, and TRX on the GDCC platform for mining and obtain GDCC certificates. After the pledge period ends, the digital assets pledged by users will be safely returned to the account.

GDCC is gradually getting involved in commercial applications, such as capital operations, integrated entertainment, cross-border e-commerce, hotel and travel, and cross-border game payments. In addition, GDCC can also avoid system bugs and certain hacker attacks, and avoid hard forks by improving the scalability of the basic public chain, which is of great help in terms of stability and scalability.

GDCC adopts the DPOS (Proof of Share Ownership) consensus algorithm mechanism, which has obvious advantages in speed compared to traditional public chains, thus it has a great help for mining mechanism.
In terms of future development concepts, the blockchain star GDCC will pay more attention to fairness, strong productivity, multi-chain competition, and inclusiveness. From the user’s point of view, create a more forward-looking decentralized trading platform and serve the majority of users wholeheartedly!