Global Exchange Crypto News:bybitdex takes you into the world of cryptocurrencies

Recently, the global crypto asset market has quickly recovered, and Bitcoin has basically taken back its decline since May.At 13:18 on this month 14th, the bitcoin network completed the “Taproot” upgrade with Schnorr signature, MAST and Tapscript. The current bitcoin block height is 709632, reaching the Taproot upgrade block high.This will be a milestone event in Bitcoin’s development.This upgrade will improve the scalability, privacy, flexibility of the Bitcoin network, improve usage performance and user experience, while minimizing the impact on the chain.There are signs that discussion about the bull market has become heated, with many industry insidersoffering expectations for higher prices, with some analysts saying it could hit $300,000 next year.

Looking back, crypto assets have been born for thirteen years, do you know about this new product that hits the world?

In recent years, investing in crypto assets has become the most popular investment way of fashionable investors and trading experts. All kinds of crypto assets have quickly swept the world with their unique high security, high privacy and natural resistance to inflation.And in the years of development, the encryption project has gradually realized its practical significance.For example, now people can directly use the most convenient cross-border remittance method, just need to know the other party’s wallet address, you can remit money to the other party with one click on the mobile phone.In terms of ROI, millions of people around the world have even earned thousands of times more returns from investing in crypto assets.

Ten decade ago, the earliest people investing in crypto assets usually used computers to dig out crypto assets.Now, for ordinary people, the lowest cost and most convenient way to participate in crypto assets investment is to buy and sell crypto assets directly from digital asset exchanges, whether trading spot products or trading crypto asset derivatives, mature crypto asset exchanges can meet all the needs of investors.

In the crypto asset trading market, spot trading mainly makes profit by buying low and selling high, while futures can profit by short or doing multi-way operation, which is more operable than the spot market, and futures investment is more favored by investors in the bear market.If you look at the declining market trend, choose short is also a good investment choice.Through contract trading, whether up or down the market can make money, greatly improve the utilization rate of funds.

Bybitdex is a crypto asset exchange serving global users, and a platform for Bybit exchanges to enter the decentralized trading is committed to combining traditional financial experience and digital currency industry characteristics, for global users to provide bitcoin, ethereum and a series of digital assets trading services and a series of digital asset derivatives trading services, at the same time to meet novice beginners, professional traders and investment institutions of the actual demand of digital currency investment.(Official website: Trading crypto assets spot products is the easiest way to participate, you just need to buy at a certain price, and then sell at a higher price to profit.But for investors who are not optimistic about the future, they can be as convenient to trade perpetual contract in Bybitdex. If investors are bullish in a long direction, such as that BTC prices will keep falling, then they just need to always hold short BTC perpetual contract products.If BTC prices kept falling, investors kept being profitable.At Bybitdex, investors can use the high leverage of perpetual contracts to flexibly control input costs and get a greater return on investment.When the market fluctuates, high times of leverage will directly magnify the returns of investors and greatly improve the utilization rate of funds. Of course, high returns are also accompanied by high risks. Investors can choose freely according to their own capital volume and risk bearing ability, and leverage large capital with small investment.

Ensuring the stability of user transactions and the security of user assets has always been the business foundation of Bybitdex.Bybitdex adopts the world’s leading multi-layer and multi-cluster system architecture. The high-speed trading matching engine used can carry up to 100,000 transactions per second, and can meet the rapid charging needs of users, and complete transactions efficiently and quickly.In addition, in Bybitdex, users ‘digital asset storage adopts advanced technologies such as multiple signed cold wallet and offline hot wallet with private key, which effectively ensures thesecurity of users’ funds.Professional external technical consultants, including companies like Cloudflare, have been in a long-term and stable partnership with the same time, Bybitdex has the most complete customer service department, which receive customers 24 hours a day, and constantly improve and upgrade their products and services according to users’ suggestions and needs.

Recently, bybitdex obtained the American MSB (money services business) license, which is a financial license supervised and issued by FinCEN (financial crime enforcement bureau under the U.S. Department of Finance). Bybitdex’s security and compliance have taken a step further. Currently, Bybitdex has its business in dozens of countries and regions around the world, with millions of users and has been growing.With the New Year coming and the legend of the crypto market continuing, join this emerging market immediately andyou can get more. (Official website:

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