Goosun Securities’ Global Strategy Takes Effect in Providing Retail Investors with the Most Convenient Trading Experience

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5 min readMar 13, 2023


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The Big Picture Makes Big Dreams Come True

Goosun Securities is an Internet stock financing platform invested by Goosun Group Holdings, which is an authoritative and regular stock financing platform with the latest Internet technology built by an elite team of Internet Information from the United States, docked with Hong Kong/US securities companies and with sufficient securities master accounts. Goosun Global team believes users’ experience comes first, pioneering and innovating, and is committed to providing every investor with safe, convenient, flexible and trustworthy Internet online live stock funding services. With the carrier of financial technology, Goosun Global perfectly realizes the multiple demands of investors’ financing and strategy trading, solves the difficulties of operation for those green hand, the safety problems of funds for cross-border investment, and the restrictions on strategy trading and intraday trading, makes the investors’ combination strategy more reasonable and the capital utilization rate higher, and solves the one-stop financing and securities financing service for U.S. and Hong Kong stocks. The company’s vision is to become a first-class international stock trading platform trusted by customers, and to achieve greater life and social values together with customers beyond wealth.

Goosun Securities- global, cross-border connected, one-stop service platform for equity business

Goosun Securities has been established for more than 20 years. At the beginning of its establishment, the equity trading team was set up according to the standards of international first-class investment banks, mainly responsible for global sales of equity issues, and in early 2008, the equity business began to introduce the investment research service model. With the development of the capital market, the Equities Business Unit has continued to innovate, transform and upgrade, and is now able to provide global institutional investors with one-stop integrated financial services and best execution solutions in “investment research, sales, trading, financing and cross-border”.

Since 2013, the Equities Business Unit has laid out a comprehensive global development strategy, seized the opportunity of the global market explosion dividend, and after three rounds of upgrading in institutionalization, productization and internationalization, actively built a global leading, cross-border connectivity and one-stop service platform for equities business. Through professional teams in key cities of developed countries and the four global financial centers of New York, New York and Hong Kong, we can better realize capital integration and linkage of teams, clients and business between domestic and overseas, on and off the market. Revenue and profit of the Equities Business Unit have been growing at a high rate for several consecutive years, reaching record highs, with per capita income higher than the industry level, making it one of the most important profit centers of the company. It has served over 1 million local customers in Hong Kong and hundreds of thousands of users in the US/UK/Japan/Singapore/India/Australia, etc.

Innovation is the Core

At present, the company mainly provides comprehensive services such as U.S. stocks, Hong Kong stocks, precious metal futures quotes and trading, and provides some institutionalized services to a few individual investors, including T+0 two-way trading, institutional channel priority transaction, multiple leverage to make a big profit, ultra-low transaction fees, etc., to continue to provide customers with high value-added global integrated financial services.

Goosun Securities has pioneered the industry in the field of OTC derivatives and maintains a leading position in the market with its precise and flexible financing strategy design. Goosun Securities platform can meet customers’ needs in financing and financing, risk management, etc., and maintains its market-leading position in cross-border business. The global master broker platform continues to enrich trading varieties, forming an internationally competitive product line covering Swaps on Income (SWAP), Participation Warrants (P-Note), Warrants (Warrants), etc. We are one of the first Tier 1 dealer-qualified brokerage service platforms to provide equity and related derivative services to professional investors, and we provide a convenient platform for institutional clients to trade through market maker services. We continue to develop our capital referral business and build a bridge between capital and asset connectivity. Equity proprietary business is developing smoothly.

The Most popular 2 Core Features Configuration

1 . Deposit funds by USDT, because there is no limit to the currency of each country in the world, unified use of USDT, at any time to exchange the equivalent purchasing power, greatly reducing the threshold of U.S. stocks, Hong Kong stocks trading, so you can trade the world’s best listed companies, so you are one step ahead of others.

2 . Multiple total leverage options to execute the trading plan, 5 times 10 times 20 times 30 times leverage free choice, low threshold, high efficiency, the highest profit could be up to 30 times.

Random globalization strategic planning progressively, and Goosun team’s unremitting efforts, which has been widely affirmed, customer interests as the core values have also been well received by investors in all regions of the world. In the future, Goosun will focus on serving individual small and medium-sized investors, benefiting more people, breaking the barriers to capital financing, focusing on portfolio strategies, amplifying profits and making risks more manageable. The achievements made at this stage hope that the market will continue to keep monitoring and allow the team to continue to provide the best service for you!