Hamiltonian equation-a new journey of DeFi

Best John
2 min readMar 16, 2021


With the continuous improvement of blockchain technology, from BTC to ETH, from POW to POS to DPOS, from pool verification to practical Byzantine PBFT, from underlying network to consensus mechanism, from technology to consensus, people have been looking for the optimal solution to make it fair, transparent, convenient, safe, stable and efficient. People are also constantly looking for a better solution by balancing the use cost!

From the rise of decentralized exchanges to the rapid development of DeFi, there is a tendency to occupy the high ground of the industry. Security, fairness and transparency have always been the last bottom line in the field of encryption, and also the foundation of smart contracts. In the past, DEFI was only limited to the most basic accounting logic, distribution and reorganization. Just relying on high latitude pressure, there is no better improvement-it is not possible to improve it until the emergence of Hamiltonian equation!

The Defi algorithm of Hamiltonian equation runs on Ethereum and TRON, which is complete and scientific. From the mathematical point of view, the blockchain will be upgraded and reorganized, and the decentralized finance will be practiced more scientifically and reasonably! Hamiltonian is a set of intelligent contracts jointly created by mathematicians and scientists from Russia and the United States, aiming at seeking the ultimate fair distribution concept!

Hamiltonian equation will gradually open up Dapp of Ethereum and TRON. Users can enter from any wallet, and support any wallet running on any blockchain, which is convenient, fast and safe! All participants follow the common rules! It is assigned to participants, and the creator has no funds to settle, so it is safe and without burden!

Hamiltonian equation will bring you a brand new experience,and will be simultaneously launched in 50 countries and regions around the world, providing a brand-new concept and community governance allocation scheme for blockchain participants! Please look forward! It will make a sensation all over the world!