Heavy | DeFiBank’s balanced governance token DEFIB will be launched at 21:00 on November 9th

Best John
6 min readNov 3, 2021

The wave of DeFi has become more and more intense in recent years, and it has rapidly grown into a huge economy with a total market value of more than 233 billion US dollars. According to OKLINK data, the total amount of DeFi locks on the entire network has reached 158.63 billion. The US dollar has repeatedly achieved good results. With such a huge volume, DeFi has moved towards in-depth development in many fields, evolving into many types including lending, decentralized exchanges, insurance, derivatives, liquid mining, etc. Among them, the lending platform is one of the latest features of DeFi. First, its novel way of providing loans through decentralized distributed open source agreements is even more eye-catching, which once set off a strong financial whirlwind.

(Data graph of total lock-up amount of DeFi in the whole network)

DeFi lending market is extremely hot

Everyone can enter into high-transparency, flexibility, and low-risk lending activities through the more open DeFi, and can also provide short-term turnover services for some bullish currency holders. It does not need to verify the credit of the borrower as in the traditional lending industry. Users only need to hold digital assets to borrow money through the platform, which is issued according to the loan ratio. This is far simpler than that of traditional lending institutions. It makes up for the lack of a P2P model at this stage. Borrowers can freely choose the repayment cycle according to their repayment ability.

Popular DeFi lending platforms frequently report good news. According to data from the DeFi Pulse website, among the top 5 DeFi platforms, the lending category accounts for 3, and its popularity cannot be underestimated. With its unique advantage, which is much higher than the existing interest rate in the traditional financial sector, it continues to have an irresistible attraction to cryptocurrency holders. Users can obtain greater benefits through liquidity mining, and at the same time, they can also help their own cryptocurrency. Assets are combined to increase leverage to obtain high potential returns.

Looking at the popular lending industry, there are actually many uncertainties behind the high yields. Just a while ago, the flash loan attacked Pancake Bunny and caused the price of the scepter to drop by 95%, completely making investors lose confidence in the project, and the price is also difficult to rise. Coincidentally, the anonymous founder of SushiSwap, Chef Nomi, liquidated more than one billion U.S. dollars of sushi tokens, which caused the price of project tokens to plummet. Although they have been returned later, this incident will inevitably cause indelible turbulence in the lending market.

A high-yield, safe and stable DeFi financial platform-DeFi Bank is attracting attention

This also shows that it is especially important for users to choose a high-yield, safe, and stable platform when lending. It must be a comprehensive investment method that has been verified by the credibility of the team, a complete and feasible white paper, a third-party code audit, and an open and transparent economic mechanism. Now, an all-round DeFi lending platform that has passed the above inspections, DeFi Bank, is attracting attention. Its first 321 model (three levers, two currency standards, and one gold standard) fully realizes the security of borrowers’ mortgage assets and lenders’ deposits, and uses the platform governance token DEFIB to maintain the balance and collaboration of the lending system, and the platform payment token DeFiC The dual-token mechanism that implements the second settlement of interest has created a Genesis financial ecosystem, which is expected to subvert the current financial market.

What is DeFi Bank?

DeFi Bank, as the leader of the newly emerging DeFi financial platform, began to launch pledge lending in November this year. It was jointly created by Mr. Nikolai Mushegian and the Singapore Saiwesi Foundation. At the beginning of the launch, Nikolai Mushegian spent a long time absorbing and drawing on the advantages of similar projects in the market such as MakerDao loan management, and on this basis, boldly improved, using advanced concepts and excellent technology, DeFi Bank is functional It can provide pledged loans of various mainstream currency assets, and realize the mutual accommodation and value transfer of ecological assets with unlimited liquidity. It is the ideal target for the overall reform of traditional DeFi lending projects.

Core highlights, the general trend of DeFi Bank

The decentralization of DeFi Bank has been implemented in the platform’s smart contracts and agreements. A fairer mining method can bring greater rights and responsibilities and transparency to users, so that users can keep low payment costs while borrowing money and benefit more. high.

  1. Data disclosure, non-tampering, smart contract management, and absolute security;
  2. 1:1 lending, no liquidation risk, stable profit without loss
  3. Leveraged lending, double protection of income.
  4. The maximum liquidation margin of pledged coins reaches 15%.

How does DeFi Bank earn income?

As a decentralized DeFi ecological application, DeFi Bank takes user interests as the core and introduces flexible income methods. Users can choose the most suitable financial management model according to their own needs.


When borrowing, users only need to combine 80% BTC/ETH (currency standard) + 20% DeFiB (gold standard) to lend up to 100% DeFiC (currency standard) and enjoy the benefits of corresponding loan products. It is worth mentioning that the borrower must pledge more than 20% of DeFiB for each loan, so that the risk of user loan liquidation is greatly reduced.


When depositing, users can choose to pledge financial management days: 15 days/30 days/60 days, and the daily income of the gold standard (%) will be rewarded as 1%/1.2%/1.5% platform currency (DEFIC)

DEFIB comes in glory!

In order to better serve the faith value of the majority of fans, DeFi Bank has launched a practical platform governance token DEFIB. Holding DEFIB has functions such as governance, mortgage, voting, etc., and can suggest the development direction of the platform. This broad consensus behavior is intangible. Give DEFIBANK great value, and at the same time have a new generation of innovation trends. In addition, it is also the magic weapon for the 321 model that the platform is proud of. The 321 model achieves borrowing balance through spiral variables. DEFIBANK Pioneer can provide sufficient financial protection for digital currency holders.

【DEFIB Token Economic Model】

Token name: DEFIB

Total circulation: 100,000 pieces

Community holding: 48% (48,000 pieces)

Subscription: 2.2% (2000 pieces)

Technology holding: 10% (10,000 pieces)

Operation: 5% (5000 pieces)

Ecological institutions: 9.8% (9800 pieces)

Foundation: 25% (25,000 pieces)

DeFiBank creates the value myth of DEFIB ecology!

The DeFiBank team has worked hard and won the love and attention of many community users shortly after its launch. This relies on its own outstanding advantages. The excellent income plan tailored for users has also been recorded in history, creating new loans for the industry Products and services provide more possibilities. Nowadays, DeFiBank has successively settled in the four ecosystems of financial lending, transaction quantification, decentralized exchanges, and blockchain wallets. It has become a “star project” or “money tree project” in the market, a large-scale high profit margin and debt ratio. A phenomenon-level application platform with low and high market share was born.

I believe that with the rapid development of the DeFiBank ecosystem, the overall value will surely rise, and DEFIB, as the core economic unit of its ecology, will inevitably directly increase the value of DEFIB until the creation of the DEFI ecological myth.