Israel AE — empower women with technology

Best John
3 min readNov 25, 2022

With the continuous growth of face value economy and self-satisfied consumption, anti-aging has gradually become one of the mainstream demands in the global market.

As the birthplace of modern photoelectric beauty technology in Israel, it is famous in the global market for its disruptive technology. AE brand from Israel is composed of top medical cosmetology, physics experts and biology teams from Israel and China. Its founder is DR.ARI VARON, a former technical diplomacy consultant of Prime Minister Israel’s office, which was founded in 2013.

Since entering the China market in 2018, it has achieved rapid development, with distributors all over the country and being favored by consumers. At present, it has obtained 16 international patents, and its product strength has been highly recognized by the industry and society.

Its products include AE artificial intelligence skin detector, AE Venus goddess machine and skin care products.

AE artificial intelligence skin detector

AE artificial intelligence skin detector is a medical beauty skin detector which integrates digital imaging, precision optics, AI face recognition and dermatology analysis. After seven years of continuous research and development and clinical trials by more than 20 engineers and dermatologists in Israel and China, Open CV artificial intelligence algorithm analysis reached 30 million times, which is more in line with Asian women’s skin characteristics.

Through a photo shoot, 11 skin indicators on the surface and deep layers are analyzed, including sebum, pores, pigment, wrinkles, blackheads, skin color, sensitivity, UV spots, skin prediction, acne, deep wrinkles, etc., and skin aging can be predicted for five to ten years.

AE Venus goddess machine

AE Venus goddess machine belongs to LLLT (Low Level Light Therapy) anti-aging lifting beauty instrument, which achieves the effect of three-dimensional treatment through the design of 30 imported SMD LED light sources, IONTOPHORESIS patented transdermal water light technology, EMS micro-current technology and RF bipolar radio frequency. At present, it has obtained eight authoritative endorsement certifications, including FDA in the United States and CE certification in the European Union.

It contains an intelligent temperature control chip from Israel, which keeps a constant temperature of 41±1 degrees. On the one hand, it can avoid the risk of cryogenic burns; on the other hand, it is harmless to users with thin cuticles of sensitive muscles, and will not cause skin irritation and damage to barriers.

INTERTEK (the world’s largest consumer product testing and certification organization) has selected 30 women aged 30–35 to verify the six functions of VENUS Goddess Machine. The test proves that after using Goddess Machine for 8 weeks, the six anti-aging effects are statistically significant, all reaching the Samsung standard, and the P value is less than 0.001 (the best in statistics), and the improvement is significantly better than that of competing products.

AE believes that women have the right to choose, and all this comes from self-confidence, so we create non-painful and non-invasive skin care options to obtain beautiful, firm and bright skin. Let women be more confident and happy in this process, and all this can be done in a comfortable home.

In the future, we will bring in more innovative technology products to satisfy our consumers. Finally, please accept the blessing from AE in Israel. May all female friends have independent thoughts, opinions, their own outlook on life, a favorite career and happiness and achievements.