Jasmy conducts empirical experiment with Nippon Travel Agency to support digital transformation of the tourism industry, marking the first major application of blockchain technology in tourism

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3 min readDec 19, 2021

On December 9, 2021, according to official news, Jasmy and Nippon Travel Agency carried out empirical experiments to help the digital transformation of the tourism industry. It is the first significant application of blockchain technology in the tourism industry.

With the development of the digital economy, traditional tourism companies also hope to seek new development opportunities through digital transformation. Especially after the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, changes in consumer behaviour have accelerated tourism companies’ awareness of the importance of digital transformation, and several emerging digital projects have emerged.

However, as a traditional labour-intensive industry, the tourism industry has relatively weak early-stage technological reserves and a low correlation between business and technology. Although there is a lot of investment in digital transformation projects, the actual implementation process still faces problems such as incomplete scenario application, difficulty in achieving information sharing and integration in multiple business sectors, difficulty in balancing the costs and benefits of digital transformation, and a significant shortage of digital talents in the tourism industry.

In the face of current potential problems, Jasmy will use its original Internet of Things and blockchain technology to help Nippon Travel Agency complete digital transformation and plan for the future as soon as possible.

In cooperation with Jasmy, Nippon Travel Agency is expected to establish and improve the tourism technology innovation ecosystem and establish the company’s internal tourism digital implementation standards to support the digital transformation of enterprises.

With Jamsy’s long-standing style, it will build a systematic digital tourism service ecosystem for Nippon Travel Agency to strengthen the accumulation, integration and sharing of technology, experience, and data in the field of tourism technology innovation and establish a data resource open sharing mechanism.

Jamsy’s empirical experiment with Nippon Travel Agency is the first major application of blockchain technology in the tourism industry. Jasmy will use its original IoT and blockchain technologies to help Nippon Travel Agency become “a provider of customer and regional solutions”, and complete their digital transformation to future-proof their businesses. This cooperation will bring a new change and revive the tourism industry during the cold spell.

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Nippon Travel Agency Co.,Ltd. is the oldest travel agency in Japan, born in the Meiji era (1905), with annual sales of $500 million, and its parent company, JR West Japan Railway Group, is the largest railroad travel agency in Japan. For 116 years, Nippon Travel Agency has focused on the travel business, helping many customers connect to their thoughts and feelings through travel. Nippon Travel Agency is committed to being a “provider of customer and regional solutions” to create new value and make contributions to society.

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