JASMY held a live AMA with Binance to discuss the metaverse model in IoT mode

Best John
2 min readJan 18, 2022

It is reported that JASMY&Binance will hold AMA live broadcast on YouTube “Binance Chinese Channel”at 22: 00 on January 18th, 2022 (HTK), during which Jasmycoin equivalent to USD 1500 will be given as a reward.

1.AMA live link: https://youtu.be/_t1S0yYLI5o

2.During the live broadcast, Jasmy equivalent to 1000usdt will be sent to actively interactive fans.

3.Five lucky people will be selected from the fans participating in the twitter interaction to share Jasmy equal to 500USDT.

4.Twitter activity page: https://twitter.com/binancezh/status/1483018252729352194?t=l1gH9YIm3Kq_UgYttAmfzQ&s=19

Blockchain is the infrastructure of metaverse, which can build a decentralized economic system for metaverse, and provide basic services such as making agreements, storing data and authenticating identities.

Jasmy, the first legal and compliant digital currency in Japan, is also a leader in blockchain data security. In order to improve the ecosystem and enhance its influence, there is no reason not to join the metaverse market. As the saying goes, dare to be the first in the world after being unwilling to be outdone.

This time, Jasmy and Binance held AMA live broadcast, which sent a clear signal to Jasmy community-”Jasmy is laying out the metaverse market”.

This is a challenge and a new breakthrough for Jasmy. Jasmy will shine brilliantly in those areas of the metaverse market in the future, and everyone expects AMA live broadcast to bring answers.

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