JASMY project data evaluation and analysis

  • User identity verification function (personal identification and identity verification: Know Your Customer, hereinafter referred to as “KYC”) and registration function before starting to use platform services.
  • Allows users to connect with JasmyNet, manage and store personal data, authorize data provision, and track functions as they wish.
  • Allows businesses or organizations to receive data and authorizations from users without having to maintain subject-specific specific information at all times, but only make appropriate use of necessary information as needed.
  • The device that has been registered in the network is bound to the owner, and there is no need to use SKC for personal identification or identity authentication.
  • The function that allows the device to send and receive commands safely, so that the data collected by the sensor is sent, received, remotely operated, etc. according to the owner’s command.
  • Using the original blockchain and distributed storage system, it has the function of allowing only the owner to safely keep, manage and use the data generated by the device.




Information Technology Worker

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Best John

Best John

Information Technology Worker

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