Land on the Asia Pacific high-end crypto art market,AART is ready !

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9 min readMay 21, 2021

In March of this year, digital artist Beeple’s NFT artwork “Everyday: The First 5000 Days” was finally sold at Christie’s Auctions for $ 69,346,250, setting a new NFT art auction record. Undoubtedly, high transaction records are pushing NFTs to gradually move towards the public eye, and the NFT market is hot.

According to NonFungible data, NFT market sales exceeded $2 billion in the first quarter of this year, and sales in the fourth quarter of last year were only $93 million. Nowadays, the more well-known NFT trading platforms OpenSea, Nifty Gateway, RefactorerNFT, Rarible, SuperRare, and MakersPlace all have a good volume.

The situation of NFT Crypto Art in the Asia Pacific
NFT Crypto Art started relatively late in the Asia-Pacific region and has been following the steps of European and American countries in its development direction. Therefore, the types of the Crypto Art market are uneven, and the angle of appreciation of art and the people who are exposed to art are also different. There are certain differences between Europe and America. Therefore, NFT websites in the Asia-Pacific region tend to be more interactive and game-like artworks, and target users are more popular.

Located in the high-end route of the Asia Pacific-AART
The emergence of AART is to fill this gap in the Asia-Pacific region. AART (A Art) means A-level ART, the best and safest art; in essence, AART is a collection of Crypto Art copyright protection, Crypto Art NFT trading, and Crypto Art IP development based on blockchain technology. It is an NFT trading platform that integrates operations and encryption art online and offline exhibitions.

AART product model
To ensure the high-end positioning of the AART platform and the artistic level of the works on the AART platform, the AART platform adopts a recommendation and review system for artists.

To achieve a more revolutionary height on the AART platform, DAO is also an indispensable function. The AART platform will adopt the DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) governance, model. All artists who sell works on the platform must be recommended by well-known artists, galleries, art brokers, art platforms, and other nodes in the industry, and an expert team formed by the platform Review the qualifications of the recommended artists and sign contracts. The AART token will represent the ownership of the DAO, and the holder of the AART token can influence the future of the works on the AART platform by participating in the DAO.

The first batch of artists is an invitation system. AART will first assist artists to upload digital art to the platform, perform blockchain deposit and DCI copyright registration to ensure the originality of the work, and upload the artwork file Long-term storage in cloud files or IPFS storage for users to access and download.

The auction methods include online and offline. After artists fill in the sales information online, they sell or auction on the platform, and the offline joint auction house conducts a special auction of crypto artworks. After the artist is familiar with the process, the artist can upload his work to the platform and generate an NFT.

The AART platform payment method supports ETH payment in the early stage, and will gradually increase payment methods such as BTC, USDT, Paypal, and MasterCard in the future.

AART Product model

Eight modules of AART
As a new decentralized NFT trading platform, AART will provide NFT generation,auctions, transactions, pledge lending, liquidity mining, INO (initial NFT issuance), NFT index funds, and other functions to inject more liquidity into the platform and become a creation the bridge of transactions between creators and collectors.

1. NFT Generation
AART platform provides users with NFT generation function, and provides NFT generation function based on Ethereum’ ERC721, ERC1155 and other chains.

NFT generation

Multi-chain selection, aiming to reduce gas fees
NFT token standards such as ERC721, ERC1155, and ERC998 based on Ethereum have led to a surge of NFT projects on Ethereum. As more and more people join the NFT field, the performance of Ethereum will not be able to meet the various needs of users.

The development of the NFT industry has always been restricted by the performance of Ethereum itself. Moreover, the cost of minting, trading, and smart contract deployment of NFT are 10 times or even 20 times that of ordinary transactions. For ordinary retail investors, such costs are unaffordable. As the cost rises, the number of users in the NFT field will drop sharply, and the market will lose its original vitality.

For the NFT trading platform, the most important asset is the artist. Only by being more friendly to artists, the trading platform has more potential. Fast speed, low cost, and high premium are what artists just need. To allow users to enjoy low handling fees, lower usage thresholds, and increase transaction liquidity, AART provides multi-chain options for artists and buyers. Artists can choose which chain to generate NFTs according to their needs so that NFTs can be generated and traded. The work is more convenient and efficient.

AART will work to reduce the cost and threshold of NFT transactions, improve the user’s transaction experience, and enable all artists and users to truly profit from NFT transactions.

2. Auction
The NFT auction function will allow users to freely participate in NFT auctions. The platform will support multiple auction modes such as timed auctions and scheduled auctions.

Basic Auction Flow

3. Transaction
The AART platform provides point-to-point transactions for NFT providers and purchasers. As more and more collectibles in the real world and digital world are on the chain, AART’s future trading market prospects have great potential.

4. Pledged loan
The AART platform will open a pledged loan model for NFT works, using its original relationship with blockchain and finance to provide NFTs with integrated services of custody, pledge, and loan.
NFT owners with borrowing needs can put their NFT works on the market as collateral, and then the lenders in the market will quote. Before the due date, the borrower can regain the NFT works by paying off the loan.

5. Liquidity mining
Users pledge or lend crypto assets and get rewards in the form of homogenized tokens. By displaying works, auctions, and transactions, users can obtain corresponding AART tokens based on their activity on the platform and transaction volume.

The AART platform adopts the NFT price and age valuation system. NFT works generated before 2019 can be exclusively sold on the AART platform. After the valuation is made based on the product’s turnover and age, the AART pledge mining reward will be opened.

6. INO (Initial NFT Issuance)
AART will provide the first NFT Issuance (INO) function to distribute NFT to help artists solve financial difficulties, and at the same time help collectors purchase art and collections from digital artists.

7. Crypto Art NFT Value Index
There are many types of product quality in the NFT market. How to distinguish the collection value and appreciation potential of works requires not only a professional and unique appreciation ability but also an understanding of the hot spots of the NFT market. To help investors more easily capture the investment value of artists, the AART platform will continue to push the crypto art value index to help ordinary users who do not have professional knowledge and are eager to participate in NFT investment to enter the market.

The Crypto Art Value Index of the AART platform uses a set of algorithms to evaluate the investment value of works, and the algorithm is constantly adjusted according to the NFT created by the artist. The algorithm mainly includes the following dimensions:
· The time value of the work, non-renewability; The value of art, comes from the feelings of people’s hearts. Art varies from person to person, and works of art reflect the comprehensive cultural outlook of the times;
· The value of craft, the creative techniques embodied in the work and the amount of work spent in creation;
· The value of community. Including user’s favorites, likes, attention, online time, etc.;
· Rarity, the number of works NFT issued.

8. Blockchain + DCI double copyright protection
NFT provides creators with a new opportunity to profit by selling digital works. Artists like Beeple have already sold high-priced works on trading platforms or auction houses. Many unknown artists use NFT to pan for gold.

However, the fiery NFT has also attracted many “perpetrators” to profit through infringements. Although NFTs are uploaded by the creators themselves, most NFT platforms have fake uploads of works of art and cast them into NFTs.

To ensure the originality of NFT artworks on the platform and protect the copyrights of NFT artists and the interests of purchasers, AART ensures the originality of works through dual copyright certification of blockchain deposit and DCI copyright registration. Blockchain certification is carried out through a certification contract. The content of the certification includes the name of the work, the hash value, the name of the author, and the author’s digital signature, etc., to generate a digital deposit record that cannot be tampered with for the artwork. DCI copyright registration realizes the record of copyright information through the registration of the copyright ownership status and provides a unique “identity mark” for the life of the copyright, which can be understood as the ID card of the original work.

Explore the present and future of AART

AART team members
AART founding team members all have rich experience in traditional art trading, exhibitions, IP development, and operation, etc., have contributed a lot to the traditional art market, and have abundant resources of artists, galleries, and brokerage agencies resources.

In the past three years, team members have been engaged in the development of related applications in the field of blockchain copyright, especially in the area of art copyright, and conducted in-depth exploration. The founding team has been in the NFT field for one year and has made comprehensive preparations in terms of technology, market, and operation.

The following is an introduction to the main team members:
Edgar Wang, founder of AART, graduated from Princeton University and worked at Microsoft and LinkedIn.
Elaine, AART CMO, Master of Arts, graduated from Tsinghua University, studied at Virginia Commonwealth University in the United States, has studied in the field of art for many years, and has abundant resources in the art industry.

AART Roadmap
The first quarter of 2021.AART has contracted several strategic alliance partners and completed seed wheel loans, and the AART platform houses 100 potential IP artists. Among them, ART’s current partners are the Laurens Contemporary Art Center and the Central University of Art.

In the second quarter of 2021, the AART platform will create an IP matrix through NFT casting and price competition transactions, release the first core IP, and start private equity funds and public offerings.

AART Roadmap

In the Asia-Pacific region, card transactions, card games, and meta bus games currently occupy a major share of the NFT market, but much outside attention is already being paid to the more artistic NFT auction in the Gumi collection auction. Increasing the number of NFTs with high artistic value, in the long run, is also a positive promotion for the market as a whole.NFT, which is a premium encryption art in the Asia-Pacific region, is bound to become a new issue. Therefore, ART’s preoccupation with premium NFT cryptographic art galleries in the Asia-Pacific region will increase the likelihood that cryptographic art can increase its value in the entire art collection market.

AART is moving
The AART platform has opened the functions of artwork upload, display, and NFT generation, and online bidding and trading will be opened soon.

AART and YONGLE Culture jointly launched the first domestic NFT crypto art auction, which will also start on May 22. By then, AART will exhibit 10 works at YONGLE Auction in the 2021 spring auction. The most interesting one is “ 30 Years of Painting Dreams “ which is similar to Beeple’s 5,000-day work by Associate Professor of CAFA Li Yang. The works of several artists such as the series of “ Saucer Monster “ by the artist Chen Chen chen and Lin Ran’s “One Cubic Meter of Trust” have also attracted attention because of their artistic value.