LavaSwap Hits $10M TVL in Just One Hour of Launch

  • Uniswap even surpassed Coinbase Pro in daily volume! (Source)
    - SushiSwap took the same concept and made it more accessible and democratic:
    - SushiSwap is a fork of Uniswap with some key differences — most notably, the SUSHI token. The token had two functions at launch: entitling holders to governance rights and a portion of the fees paid to the protocol. In a simplified way, SUSHI holders “own” the protocol. (Source)
    - Another important DEX is PancakeSwap, built on the Binance Smart Chain.
    - The developers of PancakeSwap cite high fees and slower speeds of the Ethereum blockchain as a driving factor in building on Binance Smart Chain. Ethereum may have kick-started the DeFi trend, but initiatives like PancakeSwap suggest that the wave of innovation is destined to spread to other chains. (Source)
    Lava is poised for massive growth built on HECO
    - LavaSwap is built on top of Huobi ECO Chain (HECO) for many of the same reasons PancakeSwap was built on top of BSC: lower fess, faster speeds and a huge ecosystem (although HECO is faster and cheaper than BSC). HECO is also created in association with Huobi, leveraginfg the massive community of one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges with an estimated $5B daily trading volume.




Information Technology Worker

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Best John

Best John

Information Technology Worker

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