MusicY Limited Genesis NFTS, Playtiger, Available Soon

Best John
3 min readMar 14, 2022


As per MusicY, a music NFT trading platform based on the Ethereum chain. Its Genesis NFT, PlayTiger, will be officially launched on its official website ( on March 14, 2022 at 15:00:00 UTC.

PlayTiger is the Genesis NFT on the MusicY platform and has a conceivable commemorative and collective value. However, PlayTiger is currently quite secretive and not many details of the NFT have been released. What we do know is that PlayTiger is based on the ERC-1155 standard, comes in image and audio format and will be released in a limited edition of 999 pieces worldwide. The first round will issue 300 pieces at 0.06 ETH. A second round will be issued in 699 pieces. The timing and price of the second round has not yet been announced.

Subscription details:

Name: PlayTiger

Date: 2022–03–14 15:00:00 UTC


First round NFT price: 1 PlayTiger = 0.06ETH


1.Each Ethereum wallet is limited to 1 purchase.

2.Supported cryptocurrency for subscription: ETH (recommended wallet: MetaMask).

3.Before the subscription ends, users must have sufficient balance in their accounts.

4.This subscription only supports operation on MusicY.

5.NFT will be issued within 1 hour after the end of the subscription.

6.If violations of the rules are found, their participation in the subscription will be disqualified and will be refunded.

7.MusicY reservesthe right to explain, change or modify any of the terms and conditions of the event and rules above.

The cover of the Genesis NFT, PlayTiger, on MusicY was designed by a mysterious niche artist named Kris, and created by a very unique algorithm generating different combinations to make this Genesis NFT even more distinctive. Each PlayTiger NFT will carry a Crypto Heartbeat sound of the crypto world, with data from blockchain and trading data of popular cryptocurrencies. Some of the first round of 300 NFTs PlayTiger NFTs will be accompanied by a Crypto Heartbeat sound with Morse code, which must be a signal directed from a secret species deep in the universe to the people of Earth no doubt! There are only 6 NFTs in the world with this technology, which shows that PlayTiger is highly collectible.

PlayTiger NFT is also granted supremacy in the MusicY ecosystem.

Rights of PlayTiger holders

1.PlayTiger holders will become members of the PlayTiger Club, a DAO community where they can connect, collaborate, explore and realize their dreams with artists; PlayTiger members will be able to plan and host meta-universe concerts with many talented artists on a variety of themes, and of course, include tickets, memorabilia, priority purchase of artist collectibles rights, etc.

2.PlayTiger holders have the right to a priority airdrop of MusicY platform token, MY.

3.Holders of PlayTiger enjoy higher revenues from NFT mining.

By combining Music NFT Marketplace, Decentralised Finance (DeFi) and Social Finance (SocialFi), MusicY builds a decentralised crypto music ecosystem governed by the DAO community. PlayTiger is the first NFT that can participate in MusicY liquidity mining. Holders are entitled to receive the first MusicY liquidity mining bonuses.

PlayTiger, as a Genesis commemorative NFT, has extraordinary commemorative significance and is limited to only 999 pieces worldwide, highlighting its scarcity. Along with the growth of the MusicY platform and the unique rights of PlayTiger NFT in the MusicY ecosystem, PlayTiger NFT has great potential.