MUSO — — DEFI perfect mathematical model comes from the Fermat theorem

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4 min readFeb 8, 2021

MUSO (Macedon unit system block chain DEFI), Macedonia block chain distributed financial platform.
The whole category financial product trading DeFi platform, based on a decentralized identity and a decentralized rating system, has received multiple fund inputs, including Singapore’s Global digital asset investment foundation. — — Global Digital Asset Investment Foundation. And Britain’s Global digital investment foundationGlobal digital asset investment foundation. — — Global Digital lead Foundation and Foundation、DRAPER、Cyberfund and other 13 venture capital institutions.

MSB financial licences issued by the United States Treasury and RIA financial investment licences issued by the Securities and Exchange Commission (US Securities and Exchange Commission) have been obtained in 2020.
A new generation of open financial ecological platform based on the top financial trading market based on MUSO independent public chain

MUSO platform dual access mechanism
USDM Pass Certificate
MUSO financial platform official certification: a new generation of DEFI public chain — — muso public chain issued by the decentralized stable currency, developed and managed by the MUSO DAO, is a decentralized financial (DeFi) infrastructure.USDM issued by the full mortgage guarantee of the assets on the chain, and the dollar remains 1:1 anchored ,1 USDM =$1. Individuals and enterprises may obtain safe-haven assets and liquidity through exchange USDM or mortgage USDM.USDM has been used in mortgage, margin trading, international transfer, supply chain finance and so on.
USDM Issue Total :10 million
USDM Distribution Main Chain: MUSO Public Chain
MUSO issue price: USDT 1
MUSO consensus mechanism: VDPoS (DPoS +pBFT)

MUSO Pass Certificate
MUSO financial platform value-added card: the new generation of DEFI public chain — — muso public chain issued by the decentralized value-added currency, developed and managed by the MUSO DAO, is a decentralized financial (DeFi) circulation digital currency. Application to the MUSO financial platform of the decentralized chain to change ecology: insurance model, pledge model, mining model, with complete market attributes, the value of certification changes with the change of market supply and demand.
Total USDM issuance :10 million USDM main distribution chain: MUSO public chain
MUSO issue price: USDT 0.1
MUSO consensus mechanism: VDPoS (DPoS +pBFT) consensus algorithm

The new mathematical model DEFI Fermat’s — —
MUSO DAO, known as the decentralized “central bank” on the block chain, is an intelligent contract platform based on the MUSO independent public chain. By using this smart contract platform, users can mortgage other types of certificates in exchange for relatively stable USDM /MUSO. prices
MUSO financial profit model originates from “Fermat Theorem “.
Fermat’s theorem, also called Fermat’s final theorem, was put forward by French mathematician Fermat in the 17th century, and it was not really believed that Fermat had proved it.
Germany’s flfsk announced a prize of 100,000 marks for the first person to prove the theorem within a hundred years of his death, which attracted many people to try and submit their “proof “.

After three and a half centuries of hard work, this century of mathematical puzzles was successfully demonstrated by Princeton University British mathematician Andrew Wiles and his student Richard Taylor in 1995.
It is proved that many new mathematics are used, including elliptic curves and models in algebraic geometry.
And when the integer n>2, Concerning x, y,z indefinite equation x^n+y^n=z^n.(x, y)= x, z)= y, Z)=1[ n is an odd prime number] x>0, y>02>0) No integer solution.
MUSO — — DEFI fluidity mining algorithm is based on the subtle model of Fermat theorem.

Provide USDT to USDM platform currency flow pool in the MUSO platform;

According to Fermat’s theorem, MUSO liquidity mining daily income:
(y=1) (y=2) (y=3)
*1.8%}+{(X*0.5%) +(X*0.5%)*1.8%}*1.8%】+……….
The X is the amount of USDT deposited; the Y is the number of mining days, Z the final income;

Trillion blue sea, who is the master ups and downs?
DEFI prelude is in the decentralization of lending business, and then gradually transition to more products today, it will be the traditional financial world through intelligent contracts and staged in the block chain world, On the basis of the original step by step improvement and optimization, gradually have the traditional financial world does not have innovative products, this is the path of innovation.

Conventional financial derivatives have trillions of dollars in order of magnitude, and as the most suitable application scenario for blockchain technology, can DEFI devour the financial world? DEFI rapid development in the past year, asset size has achieved 10 times growth. But this is only the beginning, DEFI future growth will be more rapid.

The MUSO business model created by [Fermat Theorem] and [liquidity Agreement] will set off a wealth storm in the DEFI wave of block chain 4.0 era!
MUSO, will ride the wind and catch up with DEFI track from traditional finance to block chain finance a new round of civilization evolution!
DeFi trillion blue sea has been opened, each MUSO holder will witness the charm of time and share DeFi dividends.
Being a smart and discerning value investor will prove to be the right decision in life.