MY To Da Moon Music NFT platform MusicY lands on the Nasdaq huge screen

Best John
3 min readMar 22, 2022


Today, MusicY, a music NFT platform, landed on the big screen of NASDAQ exchange. MusicY officially announced to the world that the era of music NFT based on blockchain has arrived! MusicY Music NFT is available worldwide.

The NASDAQ exchange is located in New York Times Square. As a global financial centre, New York Times Square has hundreds of thousands of customers or visitors every day, and has always been a place respected by the world’s top 500 companies for advertising, and has become a treasure trove for major corporations to showcase their images and promote their products. It is the “crossroads of the world” where wealth and culture meet and is regarded as the “window that attracts global attention”.

At present, music NFT is undoubtedly the most creative and application-worthy innovation in the crypto world. Music NFT exists in the form of a digital code that can carry richer content in its application, which makes the presentation of music more diverse. From acoustic NFT albums, concert tickets, to limited-edition experiences, MusicY NFT brings music products to a whole new way of composition, and MusicY chooses to announce to the world on the big screen of NASDAQ exchange where wealth and culture meet, a popular, civilian, flat and decentralized music era is coming, and capital also expresses its positive attitude towards music with actions.

MusicY is the world’s first music NFT trading platform based on Ethereum + Web3.0 architecture. MusicY builds a decentralized crypto music ecology governed by DAO community by integrating three elements: Music NFT Marketplace, Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and Social Finance (SocialFi). MusicY empowers the traditional music industry and allows music artists, music lovers and music industry practitioners to fully enjoy the huge dividends brought by the crypto music economy.

MusicY combines all music services in one place, innovative and efficient, reducing the intermediate agent and costs of the traditional music industry. MusicY makes the contributors of music creation the main beneficiaries, while music lovers, music industry practitioners and the whole music industry will benefit together.

It is reported that Jimmy Chiang, the internationally renowned conductor and pianist, has officially cooperated with MusicY, becoming the first classical musician to join MusicY, and Jimmy Chiang will use the MusicY platform as the basis to try his hand at music digital rights, minting his first exclusive music NFT as well as recording the minting process of each NFT track. Meanwhile, as the advisor of MusicY, Jimmy Chiang believes that the inherent advantages of blockchain, such as traceability and immutability, are conducive to helping musicians obtain their own revenue fairly without the great trouble of uneven distribution in the traditional Web 2.0 music industry. He will work with MusicY to focus on the demands of artists in different fields, improve the service capacity of the project, continue to explore the great potential of the music industry, and invite more international music practitioners to come here to carry out creative and cultural exchanges, and create a high-grade, global encrypted music and art exchange platform.

Standing in the wind of the times, grasping the opportunities, starting a great life, MusicY needs global cryptocurrency enthusiasts to participate in the construction. Let’s wish MY To Da Moon together!