Mysterious Technology Alliance(Autonomous Dream Works) makes its debut!

Best John
3 min readMar 4, 2021

Autonomous Dream Works established in 2015, bringing together veteran technical engineers of chaos computer club and programmers from top technology companies in the world such as Silicon Valle, Microsoft, Apple Inc, Amazon, etc. it is a hacker organization with complete autonomous system.

Autonomous Dream Works has been secretly operating in Dark Web and Deep Web since its establishment. It provides the public with computer technology and major application development. Autonomous Dream Works mainly finds security loopholes in government and some non-government servers. It is organized by 25 “Erfakreisen” and smaller “Alliance”. It is a creative, democratic and highly coordinated team. It has assisted too many governments in scientific research and technical guidance. Since its establishment, it has served all kinds of new digital engineering technologies in a hidden way! Globally, it has about 300 members. During their technical missions, they all execution anonymously, and they strongly advocated freedom of speech on the Internet. Therefore, it takes the organizational declaration of “independence, openness and fairness” as the contract criterion.

Members of Autonomous Dream Works developed Cydia to break through IOS system and realize jailbreak through the vulnerability that libtiff and iBoot cp-command will have buffer overflow to allow arbitrary code execution. It provides Data Augmentation technical engineering code for Tesla’s unmanned driving, that is, it manually increases the size of training set in the auto-driving car program, creating a batch of “new” data from the existing data by translating, flipping and adding noise. It fixes the “modified dead” BUG for Amazon Web Services (AWS) of Amazon, and brings the dollar payment business of Amazon platform back on track. By participating in the basic environment construction of Google V8 engine, it conducts wind control test on heap space, stack space, global execution context and host environment event cycle system. It adopts VRF method to randomly select nodes to form Sharding, so as to prevent malicious nodes from occupying a certain Harding in blockchain network fragmentation. It joined hands with institutions to carry out network stability maintenance actions, and fought against many aggressive means such as doxes, DNS attacks, vilification, redirection, DDOS attacks, and database data leakage.

At the beginning of 2014, Autonomous Dream Works and Sandris Murins, an expert in smart contract design, fully understood the technical reasons for the birth of BTC cryptocurrency. Furthermore, they deeply understand that the social trust system needs stronger execution and objectivity, and constantly explore in the field of encryption engineering technology, and decide to use blockchain technology to fundamentally change the human subjective trust mechanism into the machine program objectification trust mechanism. The aggregated public blockchain EGG Network has been created by independently researching and developing the underlying technologies of blockchain such as POTP consensus algorithm, Distrbuted Dat System, Substrate and Core Chaind.