NetFlowCoin, A Decentralized Storage, Bandwidth, and Edge Computing Network, to List on BitMart Exchange

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2 min readMar 22, 2022

BitMart, a premier global digital asset trading platform will list NetFlowCoin (NFC) on March 22, 2022. For all BitMart users, the NFC/USDT trading pair will be officially available for trading at 05:00 AM EDT.

What is NetFlowCoin?

NetFlowCoin is a next-generation layer one protocol, NetFlowCoin harnesses the best of web 3.0 and enables users to access a free and open internet by enabling users to share, store, and stream digital content with no 3rd party interference.

NetFlowCoin is a combination of the SDVN network and the blockchain. These features include ironclad security, unbounded scaling, and complete decentralization.

NetFlowCoin’s core technology synergizes the immutable and decentralized features of the blockchain with the scalable and secure time-tested infrastructure of the SDVN protocol. The result is a fully transparent and customizable network that bridges the best of both on and off-chain worlds while remaining accessible to all.

Key features

The sheer power of NetFlowCoin’s technology

Decentralized Storage

By using the NetFlowCoin network users can purchase decentralized storage space anywhere around the world.

Increased Bandwidth Speeds

As a user you’re able to purchase extra bandwidth through the NetFlowCoin ecosystem, drastically increasing internet speeds.

Sharing & Streaming

Users can use NetFlowCoin as a direct P2P communications network, or simply stream media content shared by other nodes in the network.

About BitMart

BitMart Exchange is a premier global digital assets trading platform with over 5 million users worldwide and ranked among the top crypto exchanges on CoinMarketCap. BitMart currently offers 800+ trading pairs with one of the lowest trading fees in the market. To learn more about BitMart, visit their Website, follow their Twitter, or join their Telegram for more updated news and promotions. Download BitMart App to trade anytime, anywhere.

About NetFlowCoin

NetFlowCoin acts as a virtual peer-to-peer network, allowing users to share, store, and stream data from anyone, anywhere across the network.To learn more about NetFlowCoin, please visit their Website, follow their Twitter and join their Telegram.

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