New star project “Fungram” will easily navigate you throught whole blockchain world

Best John
4 min readOct 3, 2020

In 2020, there are a series of star DeFI projects comes out such as LINK, COMP, YFI . However, there are still many fake concepts in the rapid fermentation of the project, and also form a huge bubble, and there is excessive speculation and digestion.From the perspective of the global environment, some projects in the Europe or US market are relatively pure and stick to the product itself. Many of the DeFi Unicorn projects are produced by Europe and the United States. Although the enthusiasm of investors in the East is high, they often just pay for it in the downstream.

Recently, I found a very interesting project named Fungram. At first glance, it looks like a game platform, but it’s not.I read some of their materials and introductions and found that they are not only a blockchain project, but also want to make some more magnificent and valuable ecological products.

Although it is also in the field of defi, Fugram has its own new track, namely the decentralized blockchain navigation search platform, which aims to establish a simple and intelligent navigation portal to blockchain world .

At the same time, the project combines social networks, insurance, loans, leverage and other financial derivatives to provide a financial basis for user infrastructure to create a secure, private and efficient global financial system and it is committed to becoming the “Google” of the blockchain industry

Fugram will provide users with special navigation and search pages for various blockchain applications, so as to ensure that users can quickly and easily find 99% of various blockchain applications in the world or invest in other blockchain DeFi applications by using Fugram app.

With its powerful search engine and recommendation algorithm, Fungram will provide value-added services such as advertising, ranking, recommendation and evaluation in the future.

After review its material and promotion video on their official website, I think the project design has several points to be worth mentioning and relatively novel.

1, converged DeFi applications

Compared with Cefi, the advantage of Defi lies in decentralization. I find that this project has grasped the essence of the matter and built a digital bank based on the blockchain, which is a challenge and defect reform to traditional banks.Digital bank mainly includes digital assets, digital identity and digital social networking. It will be digital asset wallet, identity ID, social tool and transaction link, and finally become a value center.

Fugram will first merge the wallets of each user account, and the associated user interface will allow the most common wallet interaction, and support millions of active users through the integration of wallets, which is equivalent to the high TPS of public chain and the support of e-commerce giants such as Amazon . The technical design meets the needs of the digital era.

At the same time, the wallet can complete multi currency storage and transfer, and also has a strong community function. Users can communicate with each other and join the community to establish their own digital asset circulation channels. By means of community and democracy, users can choose the currency of the wallet online.

The wallet uses a governance method similar to DAO, which is equivalent to the online currency voted by nodes in DEX, and the user has a high voice.

2. DAPP store

In addition to focusing on users themselves, the project does not ignore developers.They will establish DAPP stores in the future, and welcome partners of fungram, blockchain technology community, and development enthusiasts to release DAPP and smart contracts developed by them in DAPP stores.Users can easily get the DAPP and smart contract they need, and use the evaluation system of Fungram to evaluate DAPP.

In my opinion, this is equivalent to building a bridge between developers and users. When they create value for others, others will also thank them.Altruism can be achieved. In fact, the team of this project has a strong sense of social responsibility, rather than simply trying to make money.

3.Defi financing / lending system

As the preferred platform for investors, Fungram has been committed to provide investors with greater liquidity and return on investment. Version 2.0 staking system will be developed. The assets in Fungram can be used as pledge assets, and funds can be lent out in proportion. These funds can be used to increase leverage funds for additional investment in Fungram, or withdraw money to participate in other investment projects or emergency other purposes. The security of fungram platform is not affected by the increase of loan. Strict risk control system and safety audit ensure that it is a reliable investment platform with controllable risk.

Funram has caused extensive discussion on social media such as Facebook and twitter. In fact, I am not the only one who is optimistic about this project. The so-called heroes think alike. I think funram is like bitcoin and uniswap. As a blockchain project with fun,friendship and fund, there will be a large number of loyal believers in the future.

Finally as its misson says, innovation triggers the spark of fun, gathering fun and enriching life .