One Piece Hero HBIC global layout

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3 min readJan 4, 2022


The year 2021 is the year when the concept of the metasurverse becomes popular all over the world. In the next three to five years, the metasurverse is bound to be a field with a volume of more than 10 trillion DOLLARS. In the era of trend and current situation, the combination of traditional games with wireless traffic and the blockchain world is bound to be the only cornerstone of Dacheng.

HBIC — One Piece hero is a set of “meta-universe +NFT card +DeFi+ development/operation/competition” on the encryption chain game was born, to inherit, reverse and develop the meta-universe world, make it become the founder of the meta-universe world.

HBIC- One Piece hero, is a NFT set card TCG game with a nautical conquest story as the background. The application of the current most popular NFT concept, the game and DeFi income farming perfect integration, so that players in the game entertainment at the same time, but also can get rich chain income. Players can purchase or collect various NFT Hero blind box card packs to earn hero characters in the game. Players can also earn BIC digital tokens by participating in DeFi revenue harvesting in the game through the card slot system. Players can also sell and buy NFT heroes at trade fairs to pay for HBIC digital tokens.

HBIC — One Piece Hero’s main logic and NFT are both deployed on the TRX chain. In the later development, the official card cross-chain bridge will be established for BSC, HECO and other evM-compatible public chains, enabling the cross-chain function of assets and cards.

HBIC- One Piece hero fuses the features of traditional games and blockchain games, providing an exciting gaming experience for ordinary players who want to enjoy the game, as well as an NFT ecosystem for players who want to collect and trade NFT.

One Piece is not only a game for blockchain players, but also a game for traditional players who can bring countless traffic to the blockchain.

Joint Initiator:

Lead senior developer: Harden

Harden is one Piece’s lead developer, overseeing the company’s overall technology development, implementation and deployment. Prior to founding X10 Legends, Harden was part of software development teams such as Sky Mavis and Moon Active, overseeing the development of popular multiplayer games around the world.

Jiro Newman

Formerly of Twitter, He has been involved in blockchain since 2013 and has served as COO and co-founder of Elevenbots, GoldFinch and STOBox, silicon Valley’s star startups. Have advanced industry knowledge. Risk awareness and excellent specialization

Industry quality.

ผ ั ด ก ุ ้ ง า ห ม ก ุ ้ ง า ห ม ก ุ ้ ง เ ล ก ุ ้ ง เ ล

Dreamworld Technology Co., Ltd. (English name: Dreamworld Technology Co., Ltd.), Dreamworld Technology Co., Ltd. is the only comprehensive enterprise in Thailand specially approved by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Ministry of Commerce to be responsible for the strategic development of national block chain and meta-universe field, and to undertake the future development of block chain Technology field.

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