Opportunity of the Times — — Gift of Global ATOMIC Believers

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5 min readJun 30, 2020

The current global outbreak of the new coronavirus epidemic in 2020 has led to a global economic downturn. According to the latest report, U.S. stocks melted four times in two weeks! The three major US futures, FTSE A50, gold and crude oil all hit new lows. “Dollar shortage” swept the world and the global economy is in jeopardy.

Recall that in January 2008, the financial crisis officially struck, the Fed tried to prevent the real estate bubble from bursting, and the Federal Market Opening Committee began to reduce the federal funds rate (down to 3.0%). As housing sales continued to decline in February, Bush signed a tax rebate policy. On February 13, President Bush signed a tax cut bill to help the troubled real estate market. However, all the placements will not help, August and November 2008 are the worst financial crisis in the history of the world.

However, on November 1st, 2008, at this historic moment, a self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto published an article on the Internet “Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System”, which describes a brand new Digital currency system: Bitcoin. Bitcoin was born!

In the 2008 financial crisis, the performance of governments around the world has caused a world that runs on trust to lose trust, and this is the perfect time for the birth of Bitcoin, so Bitcoin’s white paper was published in 2008, January 2009 the advent of №3 is definitely not a coincidence, it is a challenge to the existing financial system.

The birth of Bitcoin is the era calling for a decentralized financial system.

ATOMIC SEPARATION came into being under the opportunity of the times. The current anonymous block network jointly developed by the global financial team and technical team from the darknet has brought us new opportunities! Atomic separation catches the pain points in the industry, combines blockchain technology with the atomic economic model, and undergoes comprehensive upgrades and innovations.

Technical level

1. Technology: Atomic cross-chain technology used for atomic separation, security performance exceeds Bitcoin!

2. Powerful: Built by the world’s top technical team.

3. Value-added destruction: The black hole destruction mechanism can effectively reduce market circulation and holdings, thereby increasing the value of L COIN. As more users participate in the atomic separation, the value of L COIN halved each time is getting higher and higher, and the number of L COINs on the market will be less and less, which can ensure the stable growth of the value of L COIN and drive more users to participate. Atomic separation ecological development has developed.

4. Real cross-chain: can realize private key mutual conduction with Bitcoin, including all forks!

5. Private key wallet: The user really has private property!

6. Decentralization: Blockchain technology uses peer-to-peer P2P technology, which has the natural attributes of openness, transparency, traceability, and decentralization. In the atomic separation ecosystem, blockchain technology is used to ensure that the system is decentralized. automatic running!

7. The bonus rules are written to the atomic separation block and cannot be tampered with

In atomic separation, all the fission promotion reward rules of the atomic separation network are implemented through the bottom layer of the atomic separation transaction. The invitation of each ID is actually a special transaction signature binding between the address and the address. In this way A benefit distribution agreement has been established between addresses and addresses, forming a completely decentralized voucher relationship for promotion and reward rules. The centralized MLM model can modify the reward rules arbitrarily. There is no way for the reward rules of atomic separation to be tampered with. Therefore, each of the atomic voucher systems we have constructed will have a very stable and reliable future income, and there is nothing that can affect the income you get. This will be the most stable economic system you have ever received-the atomic certificate.

The Dark Web Geek Concept

1. Create a truly decentralized, permanently autonomous digital trading ecosystem;

2. Allow investors to only gain, never lose, against the depreciation of the inflation of the fiat currency in the current global economic instability, so that personal private property growth

Development concept

As a product of the new era of Internet technology, blockchain technology has immeasurable commercial value in the future; in order to speed up the landing of the blockchain industry and allow blockchain technology to better serve human society, atomic separation was born; the atomic separation project is open source In the project, the developers come from different countries around the world. Their members have been responsible for the iterative development and fork upgrade tasks of the Bitcoin version many times on the dark web. Technology is a power, and good is a choice. The purpose of the company is to create a new type of blockchain platform that can serve people and allow investors’ private property to grow steadily.

Conclusion: The potential of life is unlimited, the vastness of the universe is endless

ATOMIC is a warrior fighting for freedom

Committed to building a decentralized payment ecosystem

Become the real king of the blockchain anonymous network

If you want to ask who I am

I will tell you that I am Satoshi Nakamoto

Because everyone is Satoshi Nakamoto