Pixiou abbreviated as PIX will soon be online on BSC Coin Smart Chain.

Pixiou (PIX) is the native governance token of Binance God DAO, token abbreviation: PIX (combined with DeFi+NFT+options+technology) total 10 trillion billion pieces. The project is inspired by a fierce beast of folk mythology and legend, a beast of good fortune that turns misfortune into good fortune. In addition to its efficacy in opening up and warding off evil spirits, PIX also serves to calm the house, transform the Taiyang, and promote marriage, and people believe it brings good luck and joy. PIX aims to build a decentralized autonomous organization with a decentralized team of top geek enthusiasts from around the world, and PIX advocates decentralized governance and community power. PIX technology provides a variety of practical cross-chain assets to promote financial derivatives innovation, solve interoperability and asset transfer between different industrial data, and improve data interoperability and asset circulation between centralized underlying operating systems. PIX uses a super-burn incentive mechanism to generate transaction burns to give all coin holders dividends. Total tokens: 10,000 trillion Institutional holdings 10% 100 trillion (5 years linear release, 20% per year), 100 trillion into the add liquidity mining pool, 100 trillion will be community airdrop, 700 trillion permanently destroyed. Each transaction burns 10% fee, of which 5% enters the liquidity pool 5% holdings dividends The end of May successively online matcha, biter, firecoin , coinan , Coinbase. Well-known investment institutions: IDG Singapore Development Bank Rainy Cloud Ventures BlockCypher Lightspeed Ventures RRE Ventures Kuala Innovations and many other institutions The team 0 pre-mining 0 reservation completely community autonomy hold coins will have dividends Soon to be launched Pancake Swap, let’s send it to the moon together.

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