Playtiger Pays Tribute to Vitalik Buterin MusicY’s Quest Never Ends

Best John
3 min readMar 15, 2022


MusicY, a music NFT trading platform based on the Ethereum, revealed on Twitter that in tribute to the world-changing blockchain pioneers and industry promoters, MusicY has specially minted five crypto heartbeats fused with Morse code for the creation of the commemorative NFT named PlayTiger. Which were presented to the Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin, CEO of Tesla Elon Musk, CEO of MicroStrategy Michael Saylor, CEO and founder of Digital Currency Group Barry Silbert, founder of cryptocurrency trading platform Binance CZ, are the five blockchain leaders.

MusicY’s special gift to the five blockchain greats this time is not aimless, but stems from the fact that the five blockchain giants, Vitalik Buterin, Elon Musk, Michael Saylor, Barry Silbert and CZ, have not only promoted the subversion and advancement of blockchain technology to the traditional world, but also represent The core blockchain values of “Seeking”, “Innovation”, “Progressive”, “Collaboration” and “Sharing”. These are MusicY will also encourage itself to build a decentralized crypto music ecology governed by the DAO community and empower the music industry.

MusicY has put a lot of effort into this NFT for Vitalik Buterin! First of all, the NFT itself is perfectly integrated with Ethereum in the background of PlayTiger, which can’t be seen unless you look closely. This kind of low-key and subtle thinking is a good example of MusicY’s team’s style, and it’s really more than the stereotypical piling up of Ethereum elements to make people like it.

Secondly, MusicY itself is a music NFT platform, in the design of this NFT sound is a reflection of the team’s extreme geek x and x music ability. A Morse code (to be decrypted) is a message transmitted especially for Vitalik Buterin, the end of the section is connected to a “ crypto heartbeat sound “ The two sounds are so well integrated that, as MusicY itself describes it, “it must be a signal directed to earthlings by a mysterious species from the deepest parts of the universe”! Once again, I was impressed by this team’s subtle, meticulous and extremely geeky style! What’s more, this “crypto heartbeat” is not just some random music to fool people, it is the hash of the Genesis block of Ethereum!


I really envy people who can get this kind of NFT! There are only 6 of the limited 999 MusicY commemorative NFTs, and the MusicY project side has maintained a rational restraint, not letting such unique NFTs flood the market, as if the team has the sobriety and restraint that not belong to the world. And it’s funny how there’s absolutely no intention to make more money by selling more. There are only 6 pieces, 5 of which are given away with greetings from the distant galaxy MusicY Planet, paying tribute to their admired blockchain pioneers and industry promoters, leaving only one for the lucky buyer, and I hope it’s me!

Vitalik Buterin founder of Ethereum

Vitalik Buterin is a talented Russian boy who vows to disrupt the real economy with blockchain. The Ethereum he created has broken the boundaries of previous blockchain platforms, allowing developers to more easily develop a variety of blockchain applications, and applications and startups have sprung up rapidly since Ethereum’s existence, ranging from music royalty payment systems to energy trading.

Even though Ethereum is already sitting at the second largest market cap in the cryptocurrency market, Vitalik Buterin and his team still keep on searching. They have launched WEB 3.0 blockchain infrastructure settings such as NFT application, DAO community governance, prediction market, algorithmic stable coin, DNS domain name service, etc.

MusicY is developed based on the Ethereum, standing on the shoulders of the ethereum and continuing to innovate, integrating the three elements of music NFT trading platform, DeFi and SocialFi to build a decentralized crypto music ecology governed by the DAO community.

PlayTiger pays tribute to Vitalik Buterin, whose quest never ends!