Please don’t be blinded by inertial thinking, Jasmy’s potential is immeasurable!

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6 min readDec 13, 2021


In the blockchain industry, the key to the success of the Token issued by a company lies in the success of the company’s business model, which is fully illustrated by the world’s largest exchange Binance and the BNB issued by it.

Here, it is worth cheering that the company we will discuss next, “Jasmy”, has been listed on the Binance exchange at 12:00 (UTC) on November 22, 2021.

Sincerely speaking, this company (Jasmy IoT Platform) has never let its supporters down. In the past year, it has brought us too many surprises. It has reached business strategies with Transcomos, VAIO, Witz and many other companies including business leaders and listed companies.

In the market, Jasmy Token has launched BITPoint Japan, Coinbase, Binance and many other world-renowned digital currency exchanges. Today, we can proudly say! Jasmy is Japan’s first legally compliant digital currency, and Jasmy Token can be traded safely and conveniently in every corner of the world with the Internet.

The most important thing is that the Jasmy Token holders are all over the world. From the perspective of industry comparison, the number of Jasmy Token holders is growing exponentially. Its community discusses about technology, business, data, market, price, progress and the future……

If you observe carefully, you will find that the above-mentioned efforts and achievements of Jasmy are only preparing for its business blueprint, rather than purely for short-term profit (knowing that the cost of “listed on the exchange” can easily be millions of dollars). To put it more bluntly, we have all been blinded by the long-standing inertial thinking of “listed on the exchange” and “currency price “, which is shortsighted.

If we divert our excess energy and focus from “listed on the exchange” and “currency price “, we will pay more attention to its press conferences on corporate cooperation, technological progress, project landing, etc. that can really bring economic benefits. The news, combined with the achievements of Jasmy in the past year, you will find that these so-called achievements are just “not worth mentioning” stepping stones, because what you see is just the little pieces of Jamsy‘s blueprint.

Yes, Jasmy is focus on its products and services! At present, the spearhead of its progress is finally pointing in one direction:“Jasmy Secure PC”. Though everyone know this PC product is downloadable, and then commercially available… What I see it is the landing of Jasmy’s core technology. This is a great attempt, yes, it was just an experiment on the voyage.

Because, if you carefully compare the Internet of Things + blockchain field, or even the entire blockchain industry, you will find that 99% of the projects stop at the “white paper”, and the remaining 1% dare to disclose the “commercialization of project technology applications”. The projects and companies of the conference have real materials, and later became the industry leader. IOTA is like this, and continues to develop, update their products and improve their services on the basis of “great attempts.” Therefore, our attitude towards Jasmy should be to more patient and support for it.

You should know that Jasmy Token is essentially an application token, and it is also a pass issued based on the Jasmy IoT Platform. In layman’s terms, application tokens are similar to forums and mall points, and can be used to exchange content download permissions, products as well as VIP services and so on. In addition to free trade and circulation, application tokens in the blockchain field also have the basic exchange function of “points”.

Of course, the current Jasmy Token is still in the initial functional state of “free trading and free circulation” of blockchain tokens. This is because the initial ecosystem of the Jasmy IoT Platform is not yet complete. This is why the aforementioned “listed on the exchange” not worth mentioning. Because only when serving social application scenarios, the value of Jasmy Toekn may explode. Therefore, Jasmy IoT Platform focuses on technology research and development, actively participates in business cooperation, and builds a business ecosystem based on Jasmy Token as soon as possible is what we are happy to see.

When an ecological model matures and forms a commercial closed loop, the energy and magnetic field that it can explode are extraordinary. It can be said that Jasmy has now completed the first step of the ecological model, which has created a good development (transaction) environment and cooperation (investment) environment on a global scale.

With the increase in the number of companies and individual users participating in the platform, products and services based on Jasmy’s core technology will become more diversified, and the Jasmy ecosystem will become more and more complete. This will give Jasmy more room for imagination and look at the blockchain level, Individuals and even enterprises will become Jasmy’s nodes (miners) and integrate into the ecosystem of data security, data storage, solutions, edge computing, etc.

Even when the JASMY Secure PC Agent DR version was opened for download, in an exclusive AMA interview, supporters asked “Is it possible for Jasmy to enter the world of the metaverse?” Jasmy CFO Hiroshi Harada replied: “Since Facebook changed its name After being Meta, the meta universe has now become a global trend. Of course, Jasmy is a part of the blockchain in the digital world, and we have no reason not to enter the meta universe field.”

Therefore, as a typical application token, Jasmy’s diversified application scenarios are beyond doubt, just like the well-known BTC, ETH, and EOS, they have unlimited imagination.

So, how will Jasmy integrate into the meta-universe market? This is worth our brainstorming.

Finally, for everyone who needs to attach, JASMY Secure PC Agent DR version download instructions and links — —

The Agent DR version directly uses JASMY’s original data locker technology, which can be installed as an independent application on each user’s computer. It can be used with the upcoming Manager Application version or “Manager” to manage teams and organizations securely. As part of the Secure PC Launch Promotion, we provide customers with the following benefits.

From the date of release to March for free December 31, 2022, subscribe to the service before March next year, and enjoy at least one year of service for free. The download will start around December 15, 2021, and we will send download links in the order of application. A recognizable legal entity or social organization in Japan.

If you meet the conditions and want to download the software, please click on the following URL and fill in the application form to apply for download.

Individual users and overseas users are temporarily unable to download. However, in the future, JASMY will gradually be available for download to all users. Individual users and overseas users. Please stay tuned for more updates from JASMY!

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