Pre listing announcement of GEEC

Since the launch of GEEC in Autos on May 31, 2021, it has attracted the attention of many investment banks, banks, insurance companies, investors and media.The first part of GEEC holders received considerable income and dividends from minority shareholders.

According to the analysis of General Electric Company’s COO Bim Traper and the Chief Director team, the estimated listing price of GEEC is about $800, based on the 20% of total GEEC’s release and market application in the market. At present, GEEC Fund Committee is actively discussing cooperation with binance, Huobi, Coinbase and other well-known exchanges, and will be listed on Binance and other top ten trading platforms in the world on December 15, 2021. (At that time, GEEC housing price will fluctuate greatly, please pay attention to avoid risks in advance.)

GEEC Fund Committee

October 21, 2021