Ruby DAO is a Dao organization that completely subverts charity

Best John
2 min readJan 6, 2022

Ruby Dao can completely reform the structure of charity in the real world. This industry donates 800 billion dollars every year. He thinks that the Gates Foundation in Seattle is like the United Nations. This is the largest building in the city, where thousands of people work, but they spend a lot of money on management costs and the transparency is not high. The “self-expansion” brought by big-name donations. DAO can kill many middlemen, and DAO-based charities can also disperse the influence of the founders of big donors. A public welfare DAO led by a non-profit organization

RedrubyDAO is a New Zealand non-profit organization, which believes that DAO structure can change life. 2021 Q4: RedrubyDAO project initiation and vision definition was born, based on the donation procedure of the charity DAO organization.

2022 Q1: RedrubyDAO’s DAO governance agreement will go online, which will support the participation of Binance Smart Chain/Ethereum/Avalanch/Solana/polygon public chain. All fans who hold $RRB have the right to participate in DAO governance voting.

2022 Q2: RedrubyDAO tests online line, and opens the creation platform DAO for charitable organizations around the world.

2022 Q3: The global incentive promotion plan was launched, and 5% of $RRB was used to reward fans who created DAO.

Redruby is launching a DAO as an experiment of democratization and decentralized funding. RedrubyDAO realizes decentralized management of charitable autonomous communities through blockchain technology. Make full use of and give full play to the characteristics and advantages of blockchain technology, such as decentralization, non-tampering, fairness and justice, which will completely subvert the existing charity industry.

There are four main objectives:

1.Weakening centralization

2.Participate in DAO organizational structure

3.Breaking the hierarchy of philanthropy

Simplified charity model

4.democratic and transparent management

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