The full ecological value integration platform represented by Future (Tomorrowland) will become the latest new wind port of metaverse investment

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4 min readAug 8, 2022

In a report to investors on Thursday, Wall Street bank Morgan Stanley predicted that the metaverse market would reach $8 trillion by 2024 and could become the next generation of social media, streaming and gaming platforms, Forbes reported.

Brian Nowak, a stock analyst for the Internet industry at Morgan Stanley, said in a report that the Metaverse is currently mainly conceptual, but its ideas are unlimited. Different types of virtual worlds will have the potential to revolutionize the way people interact.

The game market is growing fast, and its social attributes are obvious

Games have been a key area of the entertainment industry for many years, and growth in the gaming market has accelerated during the COVID-19 pandemic. According to Morgan Stanley Research, 50 million Americans participated in 2020, up 31 percent year on year, compared with just 7 percent growth in the previous two years.

For investors, there are three key trends: the increasing number of gamers and the time spent on games; the ability to play, fight, and share with players from around the world; and the popularity of microtransactions and other forms of paid games that give investors more ways to benefit from it.

Game enthusiasts often carry anti-social stereotypes, but games have increasingly become a way to build and maintain social relationships.

The full ecological value integration platform represented by Future (Tomorrowland) will become the latest new wind port of metaverse investment

Future (Tomorrowland) yuan universe platform can use cryptocurrency and block chain smart contract function, allows developers to design block chain game, at the same time allows players to have and transfer the game booty NFT, and through point to point market safe purchase, sales and trading, to build an open yuan universe ecological platform.

In addition to Future (Tomorrowland) platform itself has model advantages, Future (Tomorrowworld) team is also worth attention, Future (Tomorrowworld) team from several famous project designers, including well-known project Decentraland, GODA, they were launched in February 2020 by ethereum blockchain support of decentralized virtual reality world, enable users to create content and applications and monetize it. Users can purchase virtual land plots, create custom avatars, participate in governance, and trade rare digital collectibles.

Future is a famous famous game company FUT company launch first online gamefi, FUTURE (tomorrow world) with its own excellent technical strength and development experience, both chain or virtual reality, have adopted the latest technology architecture system, both trading, game entertainment, and the economic model of the game is the AAAA level. FUTURE (Tomorrowland) will also be the circulating Token of FUT’s first gamefi.

FUTURE (Tomorrowland) based on the BSC mobile game set Gamefi, for players, we can trade in the FUTURE (tomorrow) various levels of NFT equipment, and game demand items, this perfect solve the game players based on the wallet between the characteristics of free trade, can be one to one according to different players demand targeted transactions, the first to save a lot of time cost.

Future (Tomorrowland) team members have participated in a number of AAAA MMORPG games, NFT designs including some world-renowned IP, and some of the earliest mobile MMORPG s. Future (Tomorrowland) has become an important part of the web3.0 layout in Europe and America.

In Future (tomorrow) ecological everything in Future (tomorrow) token as ecological circulation, in Future (tomorrow), each blind box adopts ERC-721 protocol development, to ensure the independence of the blind box and fair and transparent, make the Future (tomorrow) platform ecological circulation more convenient, through the traditional Gamefi platform trading difficult, no high quality game platform, no traffic players and so on the pain points!

Future (Tomorrowland) yuan universe aggregation large three D class RPG games, casual games, farm experience and other high quality games, each game producers adopted the latest large UE5 engine development, from the texture and the design of the economic model is the best quality, but also to many players a new experience, let players really experience to immersive yuan universe game.

In the future, Future (Tomorrowworld) metauniverse will use its own technical strength to realize virtual social, virtual shopping, virtual real estate, virtual land, virtual people, virtual city and other metauniverse ecology!

In the future, all users will be able to use Future (Tomorrowworld) tokens to buy clothes and accessories in the game to express their personality and connect with others in the virtual world.

In the Future (Tomorrowworld) metaverse platform game, the Future (Tomorrowworld) ecosystem circulation TOKEN can pay for energy items, new life, or ad-free subscription features. You can also buy weapons to improve the game experience, or buy beautiful cars to show off to other players. The entire design of Future (Tomorrowland) is the ultimate in metaverse games, and users can also invest in real estate in the digital world.

End: Future (Tomorrowland) yuan universe will be a new era of the universe benchmarking, in the existing platform, Future (tomorrow) embodies its unique game mode and payment mode, for users and platform for all kinds of game producers, Future (tomorrow) are strictly controlled, to achieve the perfect integration of the future yuan universe game platform, and as Future (tomorrow) only circulation TOKEN, will be the future period, unlimited value!