The HashBox ecosystem has set sail in an all-round way, empowering the chain to guess the World Cup

Best John
3 min readSep 13, 2022

HashBox is an innovative application based on the integration of “blockchain + big data” by Hong Kong Hash Financial Services and Singapore Titan Foundation. With its own unique fun and user experience as the core development concept, it quickly opened up a new world of door. HashBox’s top elite team conducts in-depth research on market trends and needs, and develops innovative and original designs for functions and models.

Now, the most popular concept in the blockchain market, decentralized trading, is the future trend of the market. HashBox is the leader of decentralized trading. Once it is launched, the market will explode and its popularity will surge. Seizing the market trend, the HashBox platform maximizes the interests of investors and realizes wealth preservation and appreciation

Fans around the world are looking forward to the quadrennial World Cup in Qatar at the end of the year. FIFA President Infantino said that this year’s World Cup in Qatar is expected to attract a total of 5 billion spectators around the world, which shows the high popularity of the World Cup.

When it comes to the World Cup, quizzes are naturally indispensable. According to statistics, during the World Cup in Germany in 2006, the total amount of guesswork reached 20 billion euros; in 2014, the total amount of guesswork for the World Cup in Brazil reached 190 billion euros; in 2018, the total amount of guesswork for the World Cup in Russia reached 136 billion euros. Come to a new peak. An important part of the HashBox ecosystem, in order to allow all HashBox users to experience a fair, just and transparent guessing environment in hash guessing. Let users enjoy the fun of guessing and the passion of the World Cup while gaining wealth appreciation! The core technology of Hashbox is the cornerstone of trust. Based on the development of previous World Cup guesses and utilizing the advantages of HashBox’s decentralization, all World Cup guessing information and funds will be recorded on the blockchain for public announcement, and users can better protect their privacy.

Decentralized operation: Decentralized network is an important credit and security guarantee for HashBox, which consists of trusted identity, trusted ledger, trusted computing, trusted storage, and high-speed network;

Multi-chain parallel development: HashBox implements data sharding according to business, solves the scaling problem of traditional sharding solutions, and realizes the application of encrypted finance and hash guessing;

Fast transfer, convenient and efficient: HashBox is deployed on multiple chains. Under the operation of a decentralized network, it can protect the privacy of participants, ensure the privacy of property, and have the advantages of fast transfer.

The World Cup is a well-known international event, so HashBox’s blockchain World Cup quiz will have a wide audience. All quizzes will be completed on the blockchain and cannot be tampered with. With the addition of smart contracts, according to the results of the game, all The results are automatically settled, guaranteed foolproof. HashBox will bring more excitement to the World Cup and bring users the ultimate World Cup guessing experience!

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